​hey everyone im finally back again after rough week but anyway ive been working on some excitings for you guys so here it is i have merchandise launching out every week with 5 youtube videos with songs n broadcast with it offcourse after me having good weird rough week i shall explain n share it with you so once i went to watch suicide squad at north lakes but wait they only have front seats avaible who the fuck even lets people sit at that close to screen then went morrayfield n just made it for good seat next thing went to city to shop n after shopping went to hungry jacks for lunch next thing i see is bloody chineese man looking for powerpoint to charge his phone at takeaway shop let me stop you there THERE NO FUCKING POWERPOINT AT LOCAL TAKEWAY SHOP SECOND OF ALL YOUR NOT FUCKING ALOUD TO DO THAT N WHAT HAPPENS YOU GET KICKED OUT THANK GOD FOR THAT like thats why there thing call charger to charge your phone the day before you go out or have portable charger to charge it everywhere you go der but the other good thing is me n family went to ekka in first place its different from sydeny easter show like its same things in there but you know smaller n more crowded just less stuff went there to try out food n drinks n only went on 3 rides why 3 cuz typical me get sick after fast moving ride n i mean cart i was in was moving side to side while the ride was going fast foward n backwards got me so sick n weak that i couldnt stand any longer but silly of me nearly spent all my money on sideshows BIGGEST REGRET EVER one they have ps4 cuz how desperate ps are for money like you have to get ps4 for good n new games n here i am with ps3 when they stop selling those games n shit all good games left n they had unicorn toy i want for long time now there story to that i got mate to buy me one on ebay from china payed the money so the sellers of the toy took the money didnt send it to me gave us fake tracker number n lied to us about sending it by making up excuses FUMING BOUT IT other than that the guy who was working for one of sideshow that had ps4 for prize was fucking around n being smart ass n for me hardly winning gave me tiny angry bird head n yellow bird from seasame st fuck off so what did i do PEGGED THE TWO USELESS PRIZES BACK AT HIS FACE but being at the show is just fun for me to barge people back hard af n going off at them n if you wondering why i freak out while screaming in dodgemcars cuz you bastards bump me so hard that it hurted my back thank fucking alot idiots but dw i corned the idiot n got him spinning haha sucker what goes around comes back around >:)



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