Okay so here we have Karol Sevilla in her cover music video of "equivocada". She wear two different outfits in the video. The first outfit include a blue blouse, black pants and shoes that are blue and black. She wear a necklace in various colours and a bracelet in silver. She have red nails that are very pretty. Her hair in the first outfit are released and flat with a little curly part in the peaks. Her makeup she wears in the first video are black mascara, foundation, pink rouge, colorless lipgloss and neutral eyeshadow. Her eyebrows are filed in too, her look are really neutral and awake.

Let's move on to the second outfit she wear. She wear a short sleeve peplum in a floral pattern with black pants and high black converse. She wear a big hat in the colour of beige. She have relesed flat hair with a little curly part in the peaks. She don't wear any jewelry more than her earrings that she wears in the first look. Her nails are red like in the first outfit. Her makeup in this outfit are mascara, foundation, lipgloss with a little touch of pink, eyeshadow that are light pink and filed in eyebrows. Her look are a neutral look with a touch of pink in little parts.

This is what I think of the two outfits she had: I think the first outfit are a cool, relaxed outfit that you can wear in school, on photo day or other events. The second outfit match to have on a party, birthday party, or just a friends meet up party.