The loneliness of Marlboro cigarette

‚ÄčThe loneliness of Marlboro cigarette The taste of Marlboro cigarette, lonely and empty.Heart sink in the diffuse smoke, can not see the future, can not see hope.Continue to sink, fall down.Life is full of helplessness and loneliness.Reincarnation in the lonely sink in the emptiness inside.Slowly cycle and continues to drift.Looking for a harbor to rely on, to end the lonely cycle.The smoke around the heart with hope.In countless incarnations, looking for, tracing, lonely.A cup of coffee and a cigarette, lonely feeling.Wandering soul, Where to go,?the time when the cigarette is finished,you will understand the feeling of broken heartCigarette is lonely on behalf of bitter marlboro lights coffee is empty rhythm.When you leave you will understand the feeling of heartache. Lazy leaning on the sofa,? Spit out a wisp of Marlboro smoke. The blurred looked at a group continuously transforms the filled clouds, imperceptibly indulging in this changing, enjoy? No, it seems lonely.Or, is a kind of lonely enjoyment.You know, I do not know when, I slowly immersed in your charm. Then, for a long time has become a habit, has been hard to distinguish who heal the loneliness.So, as you erosion my the viscera.Close my eyes, put ?head comfortable on the couch, enjoying the diffuse in the lips, faint smell of tobacco. Inadvertently, my mind jumped out of your pretty anger??face?, and the worried eyes.Suddenly, a sense of happiness??spread?from the bottom of my heart to the whole body. Think of so many years your silently pay: from busy work to daily life, from caring for the elderly to take care of the children and I, your delicate fingers after years of baptism on a thick layer of the cocoon. You, still no regrets, still diligently cheap cigarettes in the nagging ear the dangers of smoking, Could not help smiling??gently. Buddha said: former five hundred times meet only get??a pass in this life, you and I have gone through so much for so many years, I should cherish your heart ?this time.So, no attachment to throw the half Marlboro light cigarette on fingers, decided to quit! get up and go to you slowly.So happy a life, no need to be "YTDFSGFGCUEYFA" lonely and Marlboro Gold Cigarettes no need of cigarette.Since everyone will become a love parliament cigarettes of someone, then I believe that as long as you treat them sincerely, happiness will become the enjoyment of your life. But if you let the happiness go from your side quietly, maybe it will become your lifelong unforgettable regret!



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