Have you ever traveled somewhere you expected would be an amazing, life changing journey, and soon realized that once you've reached that destination, you're left utterly unchanged, and even a little disappointed? Maybe because you weren't yet mature enough for the experiences to teach you what you needed to learn, or maybe you were simply with the wrong people.

Being an international flight attendant has taught me many things over the past year but the most frequent problem i run into when traveling is that -the reality of travel is rarely ever what we expect-

Our glittering expectations of places can so easily become shattered by reasons unanticipated.

There is lost luggage, undesirable weather, jet lag, unfriendly hotel staff, sketchy cab drivers, the restaurant you planned to go to is closed, crowds of tourists unintentionally blocking your epic view..etc..we've all been there.

It can be dangerous to be too imaginative about a dreamy destination. The reality of a place you once believed would bring you life changing experiences, can easily leave you feeling less than mystified, and sometimes even a little empty.

As Alain de Bottom so eloquently put it, “A danger of travel is that we see things at the wrong time, before we have had a chance to build up the necessary receptivity and when new information is therefore as useless and fugitive as necklace beads without a connecting chain.”

What is it about traveling that seems to warm our souls and what is it about a new city or breathtaking view that sparks inspiration in us? And how do we learn to attain that feeling on EVERY trip we take?

What this up and down relationship with travel has taught me is that sometimes, there are places you simply aren't ready for, and if you rush it, you could miss out on the valuable lessons it has to offer you. I am learning to appreciate the unpredictable. To take a place for what it is and try to never let my expectations of it get too over the top. Sometimes it is the least expected of places that have the greatest impact on your soul.