Hello again!

This is going to be a little different post. I can, obviously, not compare it to the other posts since I've only written one so far. But I just feel like this is going to be quite different. That's what my gut feeling says.

Ok so, by the title, you can probably imagine what this post will be about. Now, when I start my computer and go in to my blog, I never think about what to write in advance. I just simply let the thoughts come to be time by time. Because it's never good to "forse" something out of your brain. It sounds really silly, but it's completely true and worthless at the same time. Thoughts are not made to force. They'll just pop-up in your mind whenever and where ever. So today when I brought my computer in front of me the first thing that popped up was dreams.

I had a dream yesterday, that I remembered just as clearly as my own name. And usually when I dream about something and in the morning actually manage to remember it, I like to write it down. Dreams are actually quite intresting that way. Like, you go to bed in order to sleep, but your brain "makes up" these memories/stories, that you later on will be questioning; was it real or not?. Sometimes you can dream a very realistic dream. And sometimes you dream about the supernatural. But no matter what you dream about, it's still interesting to remember it. So that's a tip from me to who ever is reading this, write down your dreams. It's fun to read them in the future. But if your dreaming something unsuitable, you should probably keep that to yourself, but thats just my opinion.

Back to the dreams.

I have tried to read about dreams on the internet. Why they accure, what they mean and so on. But it's so much information that you'll get tired pretty quickly. Trust me. All I can infrom you about, is that, the things you dream about, is in the mayority of the cases, things or "moments" that you were thinking/seeing or going through in real life. It's really difficult to write down the whole intire "dreaming-causes", but that last sentese was a summery of the basics. Now, some people will probably questioning me and be like "oh but I dreamed about that or about this and I didn't see or think about any of that though out the day". But I mean, first of all, I'm not an expert. If you want to have answers to all of your questions you should probably not ask me (or your relatives/friends) about dreams. Go to someone professional, who knows what they're talking about. But back to track again. I, personally, think that every single human (obviously) is unique, which means that everyone think and dream about different things. It's probably very difficult to establish one single reason why drea,s accure the way they do. You just got to deal with it basically.

To make a long story short, yes, I think that dreams are quite interesting. The more you think about it the cooler it gets. But thats enough for this post today.




Hello and welcome to my new blog!

Throughout my whole life I've had a couple of different blogs. Problem is that I never manage to update them. I'm actually very good at getting tired of things very quickly. Usually I get bored after a few days haha. Which is pretty sad, because I frequently spend a lot of time on things before I finish them. Everything needs to be perfect. But I alaways manage to get back to these blogsites because I love writing.

Also, just to make one thing clear (and yes I know that no one's going to read this blog anyways), but I'm not going to post pictures of myself quite yet haha. For those of you (basically "everyone" who's reading this) who don't know, I have a really bad self-confidence. I believe in the fact that I'm ugly, boring, fat and nobody. So it will probably take a while before I (may) post pictures of me. I mean, a blog is not a blog without it's pictures. But I'm working on it haha, just give me some time.

But why english? Everyone should probably know that I'm Swedish. I currently live in Sweden (you know this cold ass country in Europe). But in the future I would love to move abroad. Not many of my friends and family know about this, because I usually don't like to talk about myself, but I have future things that I really would love to do.

This will suffice as an introduction to my new blog.

Bye byeeee