The Brazilian truffle, or Brigadeiro (brigadier), as it is known, is a typical candy of Brazilian cuisine. It is common throughout the country, it is mandatory item at birthday parties or days of PMS.

History ofBrigadeiro

Brigadeiro was invented in Brazil after World War II (1939-1945). At that time it was difficult to get fresh milk and sugar to make candy recipes, which led peoplet o use condensed milk. It was only add 2 + 2 and realize that condensed milk and chocolate resulted in a very tasty candy.

Brigadeiro for president

At the same time, they happened elections for President of Brazil and one of the candidate swas the brigadier Eduardo Gomes, who used a funny advertising with the slogan"Vote for the brigadier who is handsome and single." Women who workedin the campaign distributed the candy to win votes. The voters named the candyin honor of the candidate.

Over time,the brigadeiro was getting better. To decorate it and make it more tasty,granulated chocolate was invented.

The otherversion is Brigadeiro pan, is a softer version of the traditional, which comestraight into the pan, is an old acquaintance of women as comfort food, being aholy thing to help PMS.


1 can of condensed milk

1 tbsp unsalted margarine

4 tbsp of chocolate powder

Chocolate sprinkles

How to make

1 - In a deep pan, add the condensed milk, margarine and chocolate powder

2 - Cook over medium heat and stir until the brigadeiro start unglued from the pan

3 - Allow to cool and make small balls with the hand passing the dough in chocolate sprinkles

​You can decorate with colored confetti, almonds or whatever you want, use your imagination !!!

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I'm super excitedto know my new city. I have hundreds of photos, I made my way, by videochat,from home to the market, my way from hometo kindergarten, I know some stores, I know where are some parts of the city,these things ... just missing see and smell the air and the ground beneath myfeet, heheh


Skien [ˈʃeː'ən] is a city andmunicipality in Telemark county, Norway. It is part of the traditional regionof Grenland. The administrative centre of the municipality is the city ofSkien. Skien is also the administrative centre of Telemark county.

Sounds likea big, but, traditional city. I like it.

Skien isone of Norway's oldest cities, with an urban history dating back to the MiddleAges, and received privileges as a market town in 1358. From the 15th century,the city was governed by a 12-member council. The modern municipality of Skienwas established on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). The ruralmunicipalities of Gjerpen and Solum were merged into the municipality of Skienon 1 January 1964.

I love lovelove history and old architecture. One more point to Skien

Theconurbation of Skien and Porsgrunn is considered by Statistics Norway to be theseventh largest city in Norway, straddling an area of three municipalities:Skien municipality (about 62% of the population), Porsgrunn (30%), and Bamble(8%). The area is home to more than 100,000 people.

Hm, lookstoo much people, I like small cities, but better than my city now, here we arearound 200,000 people, and we are considered small city. Other point to Skien.

Skien washistorically Norway's most important port town for shipping timber and one ofNorway's leading commercial cities with extensive contact with neighbouringcountries, particularly the Netherlands.[citation needed] The city was thebirthplace of playwright Henrik Ibsen, and many of his famous dramas are set inplaces reminiscent of 19th-century Skien.

I need readsomething from this guy, hehe. Looks a good place to find job.

19.6% ofSkien´s population are either first or second generation immigrants. The numberis expected to rise to around 37% by 2030. African Norwegians make up thesingle largest ethnic minority. In 2013, 40% of Skien's primary school pupilswere registered as having another first language than Norwegian.

Cool, amulticultural society. I hope it works good on there. Nice I will no be ‘onlyone’ , heheh. And our kids will find their place on school., not being theexception.

Skien has amoderate maritime climate, with relatively mild winters and hot summer weather.

People here thinks I will become an Eskimo, when I say I'm going to Norway. Not really!



Our second day on the island, we got up early and decided to track. The island offers many choices of trails and waterfalls, the best known is the Bonete track, which leads to the other side of the island to the Bonete beach, considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil. The Bonete track takes about 7 hours hiking.

7 hours ??? You are crazy??? Well, I'm not a athlete, right.

But making a part of the track, I can .. or I will die trying. heheheh

So we decided to do part of the trail, to the Da Laje Waterfall. The beginning of the trail is on the south side, you drive to where the road to achieve, then there is a stretch of land that leads to a wooden gate, signs indicate that here begins the trail. You can parking the car there and start walking. The beginning of the trail is very easy, but after a few minutes, start some small hills, lots of go up and down.

For those who have some physical preparation the trail is easy, with incredible views of the sea. For me, super sedentary, it was something like this: keep breathing, just one more step, you can! Dont die now!

When we got to the waterfall, I felt relief, after, delight, the view is magnificent, the place is beautiful: 4 falls of water, crystal, forming natural pools a perfect temperature for swimming. All this surrounded by the forest. When you arrive, you cross a wooden bridge over the waterfall that connects one side to another and continues to trail that goes to the Bonete beach.

Little Big Boy
I am the queen of injured, I mean, I always do something silly and get hurt. But this time it was not an option because we are too far away to ask for help, alone, in the woods, no cellphones. After contemplating the beauty of the place, it was time to try the water. And we really enjoyed ourselves.

The waterfall forms a rock slide that leads into one of the natural pools. My love decided to first check the depth and the stones along the way, he saw that was safe, he just went up there and slipped. and he did so often. He smiled loud, I could see the happiness in his eyes, like a kid playing. And it filled my heart with warmth. I love it.

I even tried to get into the pools, I slipped early on, and like the last time I was there, I took 4 tumbles, I thought it better not to insist, just sat on the rapids and let the water run around me. That was an unforgettable day.



My love has a little girl of 4 to 5 years old. I only saw her by photos and videos, I have followed her from baby to see her become a fearless girl.

Becoming a stepmother is scaring me

My daughter is 17 years old and I raised her alone, so all decisions, the rights and wrongs were only mine. The little living my daughter had with the new family of her father, cause her emotional scars.

I'm coming into the little princess life (I call her like that because she looks like the Cinderella, hmm) in a very delicate moment, as she still adapt to separation from parents. Dealing with separation and still live with a stranger is a lot of information at once.

Thinking about it I'm trying to prepare myself for this new phase. If it scarys me, imagine the kid. Even more, that the child's first contact with the figure of the stepmother, is through the fables where the stepmother is there to take her mother's place is always a wicked woman.

I've read several articles and participated in forums on the subject. At first, I was wondering what would be the best way to approach, but after reading so many reports of marriages in crisis and unhappy kids I understood that this is really very serious.

I know it will still be a long way until we both find ourselves in our seats in this new family.

To start, I think the best approach is a more spontaneous and natural approach, making her feel part, without feeling that she is losing her father to a stranger.

I think it's important when you're starting a family with children from previous relationships is to know your place, as being the husband's wife. Never invade the space of the biological mother, but be there as someone who cares and who will take care of the kid with love.

The dress

But, a very good side to win a stepdaughter !!! Buying girls clothes !!!

This week I visited many shops looking for a gift for little princess, with Dalila, friend mine, who is mother of a little girl 3 years old. It was really cool, I had forgotten, how amazing girls clothes can be.

I was looking for a dress, princess type, but I got lost between so many beautiful dresses. I asked her father opinion and my friend too. But I am still not convinced about which dress to choose. I leave the options below, because maybe you can give me a suggestion !!!



It was long hours on the road between the Guarulhos airport and Ilhabela, our destination. The day was terribly hot, we sweat, such as cows, all the way. What was really funny, because we have to open the car windows, trying get som fresh wind, but, when we stop to wait for the ferry, to cross to the island, we noticed that the car's air conditioning was turned off, the whole trip.

How ridiculous, I know!!!

When he told me, look, the air conditioning, we did not realize it was a hilarious moment. We laughed out loud. How we were fools.

I love it, this sense of closeness and laughing to ourselves, be silly and have fun with each other.

The hotel

The hotel was amazing, the pool area, the sports field, in the green areas across the way, our apartment was super comfortable. really the Ilhaflat was a beautiful and pleasant surprise.

When we arrive to our room, what we need is a bath, we could not wait any longer, or we'll start to smell the decomposing corpses.

After that, I was just enjoying the moment. We had a snack by the pool and we were walking along the beach. Ilhabela is really magnificent in low season, the beach was almost deserted. then, with the end of the afternoon it was time for dinner.

Our first dinner together!

Imagine the situation, it is the first time I have a date with the love of my life. Yes a dinner for 2!

We are in a beautiful place, we chose a small restaurant by the sea, we chose a table in the far corner. so I was there, sitting next to me my love, and in front of me the most beautiful setting of the sun.

This moment is imprinted in my mind. I leave the pictures for you. Check it!



This really is a paradise, a magical place that will always be our second home.
On the coast of São Paulo, Brazil, Ilhabela offers 40 km of unspoilt beaches and a typical landscape of tropical forest with hiking trails, waterfalls and even a spring.

I will detail our vacation here, little by little.
enjoy some of the beautiful scenery:



Our rings coconut: I joked with him about having rings made of coconut shell. When we got the beach, this was the first thing to do, buy coconut rings, because love in gold times is easy. Difficult is to keep the love in hard times.

My family has asked me about how I can trust and go meet with someone I've never seen.

If he is a psychopath?
Well, I do not recommend people to have meetings and go alone to meet someone they met online. It's too risky with so many demented, or simply stupid guys, hunting their prey online. Yes, it's too risky. If you are meeting someone, do in public place and do not go alone.

It is possible to love who you have never seen?
What do you mean Cátia? As I explained, Are and I were not on dating sites, we were not looking for someone online. We just met, had fun with silly chats, then, we noticed how many things we have in common. From this, we developed an online friendship. We share family and personal moments before sharing feelings.
I knew him ethical and family values, and he knew mine. When I realized, we were already glued together. So being in contact throughout the day, every day became a necessity, be physically together, only a consequence.



All planned! Kids, home, work ... we talked about how our lives would be together. All that remained was a small detail: WE MEET IN REAL LIFE.

…I know, crazy people right!

After so long, came the big moment. When he told me 'I bought the tickets' swear my heart stopped and started beating.

Well, I was ready, we were going to meet for the first time I thought we should take a week just for us, in a special place, and as scenery, I chose the magic Ilhabela.

Now, we need just wait for the big time, but as the days went by, I became more and more nervous. I was confident in my feelings, but I was afraid:
How will be the first time we see each other? Is he really how I imagine? I wasted some precious sleepless nights, worried. And if he finds me ugly or fat? And if he does not like my way? And if he can not understand what I say because of my accent? There were so many nonsense haunting my mind. It's strange, because in my heart I knew it would be a perfect couple, in our way.

I traveled all night from my small town to find him at the international airport of Guarulhos. I wanted to be there when he passed through the gate. But things did not go so well and I still on the way to the airport when the plane landed. I arrived at the airport Terminal 2, he landed at Terminal 3. He was a little nervous arriving, and not see me, I was nervous about not being there for him. Of course I could not run, but I tried to walk as fast as I could. I'm finally at the 3, on the mezzanine. I was breathless for long walk when I looked at downstairs, there he was, his back to me. A heat wave through my body, my breathing was labored, my eyes would darken, my legs would not obey me ... When I got off the first steps of the staircase, were the longest seconds of my life until he turns around, see me and crack a smile. This was the incredible smile throughout the world. A smile that brought peace and warmth to my heart. That smile I knew I had arrived at my destination.

Then we hugged and it was the best feeling in the world from this time would only enjoy our holidays together.



It is not a simple question. I have family, work, college, 1 dog, 10 cats and 2 birds (Ok Ok, I have problems with cats! Cat lady) !!!

To get to this decision, we consider what would be best for our daughters, I have a girl of 18 years old and he has a girl almost 5 years old. My daughter goes to college next year. Anyway, in Norway, she will have better educational opportunities. His daughter needs him very much now, and we could not bring her to live here, he could only see her maybe two times a year. So it was obvious what we should do.

Being a parent is one of the things that defines him as a person. The sweet and protective way he takes care of her daughter is one of the things that made me fall in love. It's so different from the Brazilian way; here, in the region where I live, "take care of children is a woman's thing."

For me, after raising a child alone, another child was not an option. actually was something that I really did not. But after I met Are, I saw another side ofparenthood, that things can be good, and easier.

I have to confess that, now, I am very eager to get pregnant, we talked about having1 or 2 kids together, and we will make the first order this year!



I have a thousand ideas in my mind right now, and do not know where to start ... as they say, start from the beginning.
I'm about to experience the greatest adventure that I could ever dream: start life across the ocean. I'm sure of my destiny, but I have many doubts on the way, so many thoughts, fears and curiosities that do not fit on me. So I decided to start this blog to share this incredible journey.

Who am I?
I'm not a little girl, heheh, I'm almost in 4.0, I have a 18yo daughter, I worked as a graphic designer for the past 15 years. I went to college to study Nutrition (arghhh, bad decision, it deserves a post!) And I'm back in college studying Degree in Visual Arts, yes, yes, I will be a teacher and I want to work with kids. I am also a photographer and a food enthusiast.

The prince so far way

Damn internet, why? Why they invent this thing? Heheh.

I was, like they say here 'peaceful and friendly' on a social network and found him. Without further introductions, just started to talk, talk about everything, give good laugh together, share moments, and soon we were glued to our phones, exchanging messages from the first moment of the day to 'good night, sleep well. " And it has been so for years, because, despite all the complicity and understanding, and shared dreams, was not in the plans to be together as a couple. He has his life there and I have my life here. He has family there, and I have mine here. We fought, I've said and done bad things and I promised never to return, but sufficed he send me a hi for me to understand that there's no way, I love him too much.

Some more talk, discuss plans, as would be our life together, we talk about the practical part, if I could move to Norway to live with him, what kind of work I could get there, what kind of family we would be, we talked about the kids we have and the kids we want to come .... all combined as a prenuptial agreement, not to have complications later and just missed a detail, meet in real life for the first time .... (next post).

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