Turn on the Fun with These 9 Exciting Summer Activities

Summer is upon us, folks! What’s in your plans? Well, there’s more to it than road trips and pool parties. Turn on the fun with these awesome summer activities.

Have you ever suffered from summer loss?

It’s a condition that causes lower achievement levels after a long summer break.

Studies show that the declines are most significant in math, reading, and memory. This is why you need to do more than just pool parties and road trips during the upcoming vacation. Instead, focus on creative summer activities.

Here are nine things that will turn on the fun and still keep you astute during the holidays:

1. Arts and Crafts

There is no better way to express yourself than to practice creating arts and crafts.

Learning art improves fine motor and coordination skills on top of enhancing your ability to think critically. There many unique and thrilling arts activities you can try out.

They include painting a backyard summer scene, creating fairy house night lights, crochet sandals, Mason jar bathroom organizers, bird feeders, rock painting, etc.

The best part is that these crafts are not only enticing but also challenging for both adults and kids.

2. Work Your Taste Buds

Trying out new recipes is one of the best things to do in the summer.

If anything, food is an excellent way to connect with friends and family. You can even get your loved ones to appreciate you more by cooking them a different, fantastic meal. So ensure to spend a little more time in the kitchen this holiday.

Try recipes such as no-bake vegetable wraps or pizzas, peanut butter banana ice-cream, creamsicle smoothies, etc.

Mind you, cooking up new recipes is an excellent way of bonding with as well as teaching kids about culture, health, and healthy ingredients.

3. Host a Creative Party

Since pool parties are now quite commonplace, think of something unusual to host a memorable social gathering.

It can be anything from a backyard tea party to a bun bash or backyard bash. The more creative you are, the more you’ll awe your friends.

Take note that you may need an AC for any indoor gatherings because of the summer heat. Thus, make sure to check out these things to consider when buying central air conditioners.

4. Decorate or Remodel Your Home

Since you’ll have a lot of time on your hands during the vacation, use some of it to beautify your home.

Start by brightening your front door with a summer wreath. It’s an awesome personal message for welcoming guests.

Generally, upgrading your entire porch is one of the fun things to do in summer. You can create an awesome summer chill spot by installing string lights, perfect porch furniture and a lovely hammock for soundly sleeping away the lazy afternoons.

Also, the 4th of July will be in the summer. This is a perfect reason to ‘add some America’ to your house in honor of the holiday.

5. Go Exploring

If you’re fond of expeditions, summer is simply the most ideal time to get an RV on the road.

Setting off to never-seen-before spots for a camping night and stargazing is enough to reacquaint you with the constellations. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many budget RV camping locations that can unplug you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

On the other hand, you can simply visit new cafés, parks, monuments, or even seek out interesting graffiti in your area.

Bottom line? Get out of the house and connect with nature. You’ll love it.

6. Play Games

For anyone who enjoys a playful competitive streak, good old-fashioned cards and board games are summertime activities that will easily kill boredom.

Since some games need more than one player, you can organize a play date with your buddies or girlfriends. Imagine how satisfying it would be to beat your friends in chess or sports like basketball, tennis, water-gun race, and water balloon baseball.

7. Listen to Podcasts and Audiobooks

You love well-told stories, right?

Well, you can hear them every day of your vacation via audiobooks or podcasts. Listening to soft copy materials promotes your love for works of literature in addition to keeping you engaged for hours on end.

Thankfully, you don’t need to spend anything to land top-shelf content. Simply go online and listen to a book for free.

Nonetheless, you can still visit a library and carry CDs at home the old-fashion way.

8. Summer Reading

Reading for enjoyment is quite a valuable habit to learn in the summer.

Without the fatigue of school activities and homework, it’s easier to instill the reading bug and enjoy benefits like mental stimulation, vocabulary expansion, memory improvement, and stronger analytical thinking skills.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to read alone. You can join a local library reading summer club or create a program for reading sessions with your family.

Struggling or new readers ought to try out wordless books such as magazines and comics.

9. Do Business

Turn on your enterprising side by focusing on fun summer activities that will earn you some money.

For instance, you can be a ‘mommy helper’ for stay-at-home moms. This is essentially babysitting so that a parent does other tasks. It doesn’t necessarily take a lot of time, but it can earn you some good cash.

Alternatively, you can open a lemon stand and quench the thirst of passersby at a small fee. Considering that it be hot in the summer, there’s a high chance you’ll sell well.

Another option is to undertake yard work for neighbors who need their shrubs and lawn trimmed.

Better yet, ditch money-making endeavors and volunteer at a local zoo or national park to boost your CV as well as image.

Engage in Worthwhile Summer Activities This Year

Time flies and the summer will soon be over.

To avoid any regrets at the end, spend your time on experiences that you’ll cherish for a long time to come. With that said, all the summer activities listed above will spice up your days for an unforgettable holiday.

Try them and you’ll to have juicy stories to tell your colleagues or classmates once things get back to normal after Summer.