Top 7 Reasons for Sending Flowers to a Crush

If you have a crush on someone, you may want to send that person flowers. Click here to learn why you should send flowers to a crush.

Flowers and romance go hand in hand.

In fact, did you know that an estimated 250 million roses are produced each year for Valentine’s Day alone? That’s a lot of flowers!

It makes sense. After all, what better way is there to show someone you care?! Flowers are almost always well-received.

However, budding romantics out there don’t have to wait for Valentine’s to give roses to their loved one. In reality, there is all manner of reasons to consider sending flowers to a crush.

Want to know exactly why doing so is such a good idea?

Keep reading to learn 7 key reasons for sending flowers is good for everyone involved.

1. To Show Them You Care

Let’s face it, there’s something special about getting flowers.

It may well be a little clichéd these days. But the truth remains: these beautiful natural gifts leave you feeling all warm and cuddly inside.

Sending them to a crush is a great way of letting them know your feelings. As far as signs go, it’s fairly clear cut!

Now, it’s important to judge the situation correctly. Getting a mysterious bunch of flowers from a complete stranger may be more creepy than romantic! Be sure to have established some sort of connection with the person first.

If that’s in the bag, then you’re more likely to send the right message with the flowers.

2. To Make Their Day

Sending flowers should be entirely about the other person.

Indeed, gift-giving should never be about how you might gain from the act!

Try not to send flowers in the hope of winning their affection. Sure, that might be a happy repercussion. But the primary intention should be to brighten up their day!

We’ve already noted how receiving flowers is special. After all, they look and smell lovely, and are a clear sign that you’re important to someone. You can guarantee that a beautiful bouquet of flowers will make your crush smile.

3. To Say Sorry

Fights and arguments are all too common in relationships.

If you’ve had one recently with your crush, then sending them flowers can be the first step to forgiveness. It’s a white flag above the parapet; an extension of the fabled olive branch.

It doesn’t matter who started the fight. You may have been entirely innocent! But swallow your pride and send flowers anyway. Someone has to take the first step. There’s no point sitting around and sulking at each other.

Equally, you may well have done something wrong! Flowers won’t necessarily make amends, but they can be a good place to start.

4. To Congratulate and Achievement

There are flowers for every occasion!

From apologies, condolences, and commiserations, to congratulations and celebration. Has your crush just done something awesome? Have they just won an award, graduated high-school, got into college, received a promotion at work, bought a new car, or moved house?

It doesn’t matter what it is!

Send them flowers to congratulate them! Doing so shows empathy, compassion, and a kind heart. Those flowers may mean the world to your crush. They’ll be on show for days and maybe weeks to come.

There’s nothing like joining in someone’s happiness to endear them towards you.

5. To Communicate Feelings

Letting someone know how you feel is difficult.

Thankfully, sometimes actions speak louder than words.

We’ve already seen how sending flowers can help let a crush know that you like them. But the effect can be more than that. People want to know you care. They want to feel understood. And they want to know what’s in your mind too!

Writing love notes and poems may not be your forte. After all, it isn’t always easy to put your emotions into words. It can be difficult to communicate anything at all!

Sending flowers can do it all for you, with no words having to leave your mouth. It’s an unspoken acknowledgment and appreciation that can mean a lot.

6. To Remind Them of You

It’s worth re-emphasizing the romantic side of flowers.

Sending them does more than make their day. It does more than tell them how you feel. It does more than congratulating them and/or apologizing for something.

Beyond all of those things, send them flowers puts you front and center of their mind. It’s a tangible, beautiful reminder of you. When they’re well received, the bouquet will be on show for a considerable time.

Every time they look at them they’ll think of you. Every time visitors comment and compliment the flowers, you’ll come to mind your crush’s mind.

It’s a sure-fire way of getting their attention. Flowers provide a visual display of affection that can capture their imagination and get you on their mind.

7. Just ‘Cus!

Sometimes you don’t need a reason to send your crush flowers!

You don’t require excuses and special occasions to do something lovely like that.

In fact, this is often when it means most to them. It’s a random act of kindness, done solely to bring a bit of joy to their day. Often, it’s best not to think about anything at all.

Sending the flowers may be a case of “just ‘cus I could”.

These sorts of gifts are always the most meaningful. If they ask what the flowers are for, then you can tell them the truth! You care for them and wanted them to feel good in the moment.

Time to Starting Sending Flowers to a Crush

There you have it then: 7 top reasons for sending flowers to a crush!

Flowers are an immensely popular gift. They’re well suited to all sorts of people, situations, and occasions. Sending them to someone you fancy is one of the most common flower-giving practices!

And for good reason! As we’ve seen, there are all sorts of reasons why doing so is a good idea. Hopefully, this post has highlighted the main ones.

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