Should I Get A New Phone? 7 Warning Signs Your Phone Is Dying

Are you wondering 'should I get a new phone'? Here are seven warning signs that your phone is dying and will need to replaced soon!

Does it feel like your phone's battery doesn't last as long as it used to? Does your phone lag even for the simplest of tasks, like turning off active apps or updating?

Your phone might be on its last legs. It might be time to ask "should I get a new phone" and hunt for replacements.

But should you shell out for a new phone or can simple repairs do the trick? How can you tell which is the more affordable option in the long run?

Read on and find out more today:

Should I Get a New Phone?

A big problem with modern technology is that they become outdated at a rapid pace. It’s especially the case when it’s smartphones. For example, you can get the latest Android or Apple phone but they’ll phase out within six months.

Should I get a new phone? If you want an answer to that question, here are some of the most common signs. You can also read this article if you need some tips for repairing your smartphone.

1. The Operating System Won’t Update

Often, Apple will have updates for its operating system, the iOS. Android also does this, often naming their operating system after desserts, with Android Q the latest to release. No matter what your preferred device is, it often gets updated.

If you have an older phone, it’s unlikely for it to get any sort of software update. As time goes by, the software version of your current phone becomes outdated. This will decrease its stability and become less secure.

Also, your old phone might not have the capability to handle the upgrades. It applies regardless of whether you have the technical knowledge to do the updates yourself.

2. Your Apps Won’t Work

Aside from the operating system, your chosen apps also update from time to time. Having the latest version ensures that you get the most out of its features. Once you start experiencing compatibility issues, it might be a sign that it’s time to replace your phone.

It’s important to remember that your apps will depend on your current operating system. If you have an outdated phone, it might not have as much RAM compared to new phones. With that, you won’t have the means of using newer apps.

3. Your Phone Is Slow

One of the most overlooked aspects when buying a phone is the processor speed. In most cases, you won’t have an idea what to look for, especially how fast phones should be. If you’re in doubt, check your current phone and see whether it has a quad-core processor.

A dual-core processor is obsolete nowadays. If you use this slow and underpowered processor, you might find it difficult to use a lot of your apps at the same time. Your phone slows down due to the apps, connections, and long periods of use.

4. Your Phone Often Runs out of Storage

Your phone’s available storage also affects its overall performance. If your storage is full, its performance becomes sluggish. It’s especially the case when you’re downloading a lot of new apps or take a lot of pictures.

Older phones will not have a lot of memory to accommodate all your files and maintain their performance. As your needs grow, you need to upgrade and get a newer phone with more memory. Most newer phone models will support up to 512GB, and it will only increase from here.

5. Your Camera Is Bad

With Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media networks, you need to have a good camera. After all, most people already replaced their hand-held digital cameras with smartphones. With newer models around, phone camera quality is now much better.

An older phone’s subpar cameras aren’t replaceable. They’re integrated, meaning you need to upgrade your phone in its entirety. If your aim is to get high-quality images, then it’s important to get a phone with excellent camera capabilities.

Try reading online reviews and see whether it has a lot of positive ratings. This helps determine whether the phone is worth your time.

6. Your Battery Isn’t Charging Well

When smartphones first came out, it’s easy to replace batteries. That’s why that cost isn’t significant and a better choice compared to buying a new phone. But the problem is that a lot of smartphone companies are starting to shift from this design.

A lot of phone manufacturers now make completely sealed phones. That means you have no way of accessing the battery or any other component without breaking the device open. This will void your warranty, so it becomes a problem when the battery starts losing its storage capacity.

A standard phone battery will have about 2100-2300 mAh. But the issue is that phone batteries are now unremovable for most new models. So, if your phone can’t charge anymore, you need to start thinking about upgrading your phone.

7. You Have a Broken Screen

This is one of the biggest factors that will make you consider upgrading your phone. It isn’t easy using a phone when you can’t see the features for it to function at a basic level. With the way things are right now, a simple drop might make your phone screen crack.

If the damage is light, you can still get someone to repair it for you. But the more severe the damage, the more likely it is for you to replace it instead. Most of the time, you’re the final judge whether your phone screen isn’t salvageable anymore.

Get an Upgrade for Your Phone Today!

These are the most basic warning signs you need to consider. It will help you know whether it’s time to replace your old phone and pave the way to a better device. Don’t hesitate when you know you’re not getting the best experience anymore—you deserve the best.

With this list, hopefully, you get the answer to the question, “should I get a new phone?”

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