Getting Back on Track: How to Find the Best Chiropractor

Are you in need of chiropractic services? How do you find the best chiropractor? Check out this guide to learn how to find the best in the business.

Dealing with neck and back pain can negatively affect your entire life. Simple things, such as getting in and out of a car, picking up a child, and turning your head to see something out of view can become incredibly painful.

Some people end up altering their day to day life to avoid the pain and discomfort entirely.

Fortunately, it doesn't always have to be that way. In many cases, seeking out chiropractic services could mean ending a life full of difficulty and pain.

The question is, how do you find the best chiropractor?

Keep reading for an in-depth breakdown to help you narrow your choices to find the best chiropractor.


First, start by finding the chiropractors in your area. However, keep in mind that it's not uncommon for people to travel out of town to go to whom they believe is the best.

Once you have a list of chiropractors, start looking at online reviews of their practices. Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews will probably bring you the best search results.

These reviews should give you a good indication of the quality of each practice. Remember, however, to look at the whole picture. If there are 99 good reviews and only three bad ones, it's unlikely that it's a poor practice. If it's closer to 50% bad and 50% good, you're best to move on.


Another great way to find the best chiropractor is by simply asking for recommendations. Use your social media account and put a shoutout in your area that you're looking for a chiropractor.

When people find a chiropractor they like, they tend to be incredibly faithful to them and give them glowing recommendations to anyone who will hold still long enough to listen.

Ask Questions/Research

Once you've narrowed the field down based on reviews and recommendations, it's time to start doing a little research. This research can be done via the internet or by calling and asking the chiropractic practice directly.


Find out what credentials are desirable for chiropractors, especially if you have a certain condition you need help with. Then, do a little digging to figure out which chiropractors you're looking at have those credentials.

If you can't find it on their website, call and ask them directly.

Most chiropractors go through a relatively grueling amount of schooling, some on-par with their medical counterparts. This schooling is usually finished with a yearlong clinical where they work hands-on with patients under the supervision of veteran chiropractors.

At the very least, they should be certified through the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Aspiring chiropractors must first pass the certification exam to start practicing in their state of residence. From there, most states require them to complete yearly continuing education courses.


Experience is a tricky credential. Just because someone is new, it doesn't mean they're bad. Likewise, just because some is experienced, it doesn't mean they're good. The best chiropractor for you may not be the most experienced one.

However, if you're dealing with a special case, such as fibromyalgia, recovery after surgery, trauma from an injury, etc., then you may be better off looking for someone with experience in that field.

Malpractice Claims

Finally, although you'll likely not find it advertised on their website, do an internet search to see if the chiropractor you're considering has any malpractice claims on their record. These and any disciplinary history can be found on state websites and other helpful websites.


As we suggested before, if you have a special condition that requires in-depth knowledge and attention, perhaps that is where you should start your search for the best chiropractor.

Special conditions like fibromyalgia, injury treatment, and recovery, and arthritis may require chiropractors specializing in those fields.

For example, someone looking to see a chiropractor after a car accident wouldn't want to go to someone inexperienced in dealing with injuries.

There are different chiropractic specialties including pediatric practices, chiropractic acupuncture, and physical and therapeutic chiropractics.

Start With a Meet and Greet

If you have gotten all of the information you can off the internet and still want a little more, you can always schedule an appointment to meet your potential chiropractor. This meet and greet will tell you what you need to know about their professionalism, personality, communication skills, and whether or not they're a good fit for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Avoid the "Salesman"

People often joke about chiropractors being trained in sales first and chiropractics second. Some chiropractors give themselves (and others) a bad name by being too pushy.

These chiropractors will offer large treatment packages before they even assess your condition. For all they know, you could feel better after two sessions. While some conditions do require frequent treatments, make sure they're not over-selling packages.

However, when appropriate, session packages aren't bad and can even save you money. Just makes sure there's a refund policy and that your chiropractor will be flexible to changing up your treatment if it's no longer necessary or helping.

Make Sure They Can Give You Time

While popular chiropractors are popular for a reason, sometimes they end up being too busy to give you adequate time. The meet and greet is a great place to find out how patient they are and how much of their time they're willing to give you.

If you feel like they're rushing you out the door as soon as they find out you're not committing to anything that day, maybe they're not the right chiropractor. If they can't give you time now, they won't be able to while they're treating you either.

Make Sure They're Not Offering "One-Size-Fits-All" Treatment

Make sure you get a full assessment from your potential chiropractor. They need to create a treatment plan based on your individual needs after their assessment.

Unfortunately, some chiropractors get into the habit of using generic "one-size-fits-all" treatment plans.

Start Looking Today

If you're experiencing pain and discomfort, consulting with a chiropractor might be one of your best options.

They key is not to wait around any longer, especially if your pain is affecting your day to day life!

Get online and search for the best chiropractor for you or use social media to start asking around for recommendations. Take care of it today so you can start being pain-free tomorrow.