7 Key Reasons Why You Should Become a Massage Therapist

A Massage Therapist does more than just rub people's shoulders all day. Keep reading for 7 key reasons why you should become a massage therapist.

In the future, the demand for massage therapists will increase by 24%. Massage health benefits influence an increase in demand.

Massage lowers low back pain, cancer-related fatigue, blood pressure, and headache frequencies.

If you're considering becoming a massage therapist, you're on the right track.

More openings for massage therapists will continue to expand, and so will their role.

Besides rubbing a client's shoulders, therapists help relieve pain and improve blood circulation.

Keep reading this article to learn why you should become a massage therapist.

1. Work in a Relaxing and Positive Environment

Massage therapists enjoy the privilege of working in a serene work environment. Scented candles and soothing music surround the majority of the work environment.

The environment is not only ambient for the client but the therapist too. Who doesn't want a less tense and relaxing work environment?

Note: A massage therapist has a variety of work environment to choose from. This includes medical settings, resorts, spas, or studios.

Do you love working in an exotic environment? This profession will help you achieve your dreams. The cruise ships and tourist areas in all areas in the world employ massage therapists.

Read more to learn the potential enticing work space for massage therapists.

If you don't have any objections to travelling or relocating to new areas, the profession suits you.

2. Flexible Working Hours

Majority of massage therapists are self-employed. The job allows you to set a suitable schedule.

If you've other tasks to work on, the profession offers you the flexibility to choose suitable hours. It means you can work part-time or full time.

It gives you the chance to juggle family, professional pursuits, and hobbies.

Few professions offer an opportunity to balance between social and work life. If you become a massage therapist, you can enjoy the balance due to the profession's flexibility.

3. Available Job Opportunities

5,888 thousand people in the US are unemployed. It doesn't mean that their credentials are low. Unemployment rates continue to proliferate.

The struggle of staying unemployed is annoying and frustrating. You don't want a share of it. Working as a massage therapist saves you the misfortune.

The demand for massage therapists is higher than the supply in the job market. The deficit gives you the advantage to quickly secure a job. The future of the profession is bright as demand for healthy lifestyles increases.

Many people continue to appreciate the value of massage. The job has a high level of security that many industries can't boast.

4. High Job Satisfaction

The profession offers you the opportunity to provide a direct impact on clients. Contributing to improved client health is an incentive for job satisfaction and motivation.

Most people end up in professions they find stressful and not appealing. You don't want to go home every day full of work frustration.

The massage therapy profession gives you the satisfaction of helping others. How do you help others?

  • Reduce stress levels for patients
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce or relieve pain for patients (especially cancer patients)
  • Help others recover from injury

If you want a profession that helps improve others' well-being, massage is a potential fit.

5. Healthy Lifestyle

Massage therapists are physically active. Unlike other professions, you don't spend the whole day sitting behind the desk.

Massage therapy gets you on feet and engages your entire body. Physical engagement helps you remain in great shape.

If you value physical and health fitness, massage therapy suits you best.

Note: Contributing to the wellness of others helps improve your health fitness.

Why not try a profession that encourages your well-being?

6. Decent Income

Being a massage therapist will earn you a good income. When choosing a profession, income is a significant concern. The average salary of massage therapists is $39,860 per year.

The actual salary may vary depending on the state, area of specialization, years of experience and other factors.

As the demand for massage therapists increases, the income might increase. If you decide to become a massage therapist on a full-time basis, you can sustain your financial needs.

7. It Is a Licensed Profession

Massage therapy is a professional job. In the past, people undermined it due to the lax requirements.

Today, massage therapy is a respected profession. Major states in the US require massage therapists to have a license. It means one has to attend college for complete certification or pursue a degree program.

Massage therapists have to spend hours of practice on becoming professionals. If you're considering becoming a massage therapist, you must be wondering how you'll get the license. Follow the five steps below to become a professional masseuse.

Five Steps to Become a Massage Therapist Professional

Massage therapists seem like an easy profession. However, it's not all about rubbing shoulders. You need competent skills to ensure your services have a positive impact on patients.

How do you build the skills and acquire the massage therapist license?

  • Complete a massage therapy program. You can either pursue certification or a degree program. The studies involve massage ethics, anatomy, body mechanics and physiology, among others.
  • Complete the practical requirements. Each of the states has different standards and the number of hours of practice to acquire the license.
  • Pass the licensing exam. Completing the massage education program is not enough. You need to pass the licensing exam like Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx).
  • If you're confident and have proof of meeting the requirements, you can apply for a state license
  • Finally, you get a certification and acquire the license.

Becoming a massage therapist is not a one-day activity. You need to work for it and earn it.

Become a Respected Massage Therapist

Gone are the days when learning to become a massage therapist profession was not respected. If you've got a passion for becoming a massage therapist, don't hesitate.

The profession will allow you: ambient work environment, improved health, and offer job security.

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