A Week In My Life


Today is Monday and the day started with no classes in the morning, so I decided to clean and organise the kitchen and vacuum my room. I changed the sheets and made my bed before an appointment. After having lunch with Oliver, I went seeking for some inspiration for the blog and finished a sweater on a budget post. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did (now I am closer to broke) I have 4 assignments due at the end of the week that I would like to get over with today. After doing homework and actual work, I watched a movie with Cassie and Oliver. We watched the horror film IT, and we all survived. However, I've realised that the focus on this film than the one in the 80's is different. In the new movie they focused more on the friendship and over coming clowns rather than actually focusing on the scary things of the clown and who he is, Yeah, I'm probably overanalysing this film. But I still recommend it.


Tuesday will be a no-classes-before-after-lunch kinda day. It will be a short, but lovely day which will be used for the Sweater on a Budget post that I've started on yesterday. After that I will most likely draw a bath, just because I could fit it to the schedule, and just relax before bowling. I am going bowling with the boarding school. Oliver and I have made a pact to watch stranger things and do active little things together. This way we will get more efficient alone time where we can do honework, assignment and study without drifting apart. Yeah, school is pretty intense and good grades aren’t handed to you, so you gotta hit the books — but I am okay with that. (We got grades this Sunday everything was great except for biology and math)


On Wednesday, I have to finish an English assignment and virtual activity. We have gotten our lessons for the week virtual. I think it’s great because it will let me get more sleep, which is highly needed at the moment. I am also going on a cafè date with Cheryce, which is my soulmate and you have probably seen her on my insta because she is a beaut. I am also going to film a video because my filming days are on Wednesday’s and Sundays. I can’t wait to film! Any video suggestions of what you’d like to watch? Comment down below or on Instagram! Then after all of these fun activities and tasks, I will do an upper body workout featuring a 30 minutes interval cardio.. the upper body part will be fun though, and I should stay positive about cardio since I want a better cardio for myself, but it is difficult because it’s cardio..


Thursday will be a busy school day, as well as a stressful day. I will have a busy day with a blogpost ready for you guys. Something that has been on my mind lately, so it will be a personal blog post regarding the health of the mind and positivity so stay tuned! After working and doing some school work as well, I will have my favorite day at the gym. Leg day followed by 30 minutes of cardio! You know the kind of leg days that makes your legs feel like jelly and that in any moment climbing the stairs you’ll fall? That’s my favorite kind of leg day and besides the booty will most likely grow too and you’ll look extra fine.


Friday will be an easy day since I will be off after two morning psychology classes. It will also determine my weekend since I have to do cardio, school work (studying for psychology and biology test as well as doing math assignment), and I will also do a small weekend vlog since I thought it’d be fun! So stay tuned for all of this. I will also most likely go to town with the girls since I’m always in mood for town (might need help)


Saturday will be the big study day. All of the case studies are written and organized, but in saturday I will have to memorize them better and connect them to the different scenarios or even topics of psychology, so much fun. Beside that, I will be studying molecular biology — who doesn’t love that? At the same time I will have to keep up with normal homework. Go out and socialize as well as maintaining the blog because I also post in Saturdays. I can already taste the busy schedule ahead of me. I’m going to feed the ducks at the local park with some left over bread from the boarding school. Hopefully, I get a break from studying (I need it so it will happen). I also intend on going to the gym to do an upper body workout as well as the 30 minutes of interval cardio. I feel like I’m always negative about cardio when I shouldn’t be. Sure it’s boring now and then, but it is healthy and necessary — what if I need to run for my life one day? Would I even be able to? I guess we’ll find out.


Not only is Sunday a relaxed day, it also brings dessert if you live at the boarding school! I will most like start my Sunday with some stretching and yoga then I just run for 15 minutes and I will be done with gym for the day! I would love for that to be my everyday workout routine, but nope. It isn’t. I then will not make my bed since I’m going back in it editing the weekend blog and hopefully posting it. I will then go for a walk with Oliver and then clean my room afterwards. Changing sheets, making the bed, vacuuming and dusting off every surface area in my room. As well as doing more school work you know. The positive thing it that if I finish early I get to do pampering night and watch series or even a movie. Maybe listen to some audio books, but the point is I get to lit all of my scented candles and hopefully they will compliment each other’s smell. Sunday is my favorite day of the week because it is truly my relax day and it’s all I can afford being a student and trying to be healthy and all.

That was all that I have in store for this week and hopefully it’ll be a good week! I will see you guys next week