Next week I am going to a ski trip for a whole week. I love skiing. It is a great fun!

Now it is weekend and I am enjoying my time of having a short break for at least two days. It is necessary to relax and do something else, not only workworkwork. I think this statement is common sense for everyone.

Yesterday I saw two exhibitions, one was about design and the other photography. The artistic world can result in many political views. I wish sometimes the artistic world should represent more aesthetics or beauty aspects.

Today was more about resting and tomorrow I do not know yet what will happened, but I am sure tomorrow is also a gift and the day after tomorrow and the day after that. I mean basically every day is a gift, forever.

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I am starting this writing as an experience and especially like a journey or even exploring more about my own voice here in life.

People tend to tell me I am telling klichés, I don't know what I want to do in my life and that I don't have an own voice. Literally, I can talk and speak. But sometimes I am quite too. I have no problems with my eyes, mouth ears or nose. All my senses work!

Many people say: It is about the journey and not the destination. Some people even switch that around and say it is about more or less the destination it is about and not the journey. I have not decided yet which side I am on. Or maybe I am on both sides.

Maybe I am not wise enough yet and certainly not an owl. But my short experience here in life have shown that clichés often become true in different parts of life and in different ways. I have not an example now but sure I will share a cliché which has happened to me as soon as it comes to my mind!

What do I want to do do in life? I guess there are many options. But I have chosen something that many people are not so familiar with. That kinda is strange to me, but through make this blogg perhaps even more people will know what I actually want in life as well.