Doing some work since I have an hour train ride from my school to my home. I thought I’d use the time to do something productive ᾑIt’s super cold today! For all I know it could have been snowing! ❄☃

Yet the sun is shining very bright but it’s not all that warm, unfortunately ☀ὠ

Tonight my cousin, grandma and my parents are dining out. We are going to my favorite restaurant!!! It’s a Chinese restaurant and it has all the good stuff! Soup, fried everything, sushi, Mongolian, ice cream and lollipops! ὡ ὠ Ἰ Ἰ

I’ve guess I’ve been quite the customer these past few weeks.

I was there with my best friend two weeks ago, then again last Saturday with my friend to celebrate my dads birthday and today I’m going there again. Of cause I’m also going to eat there this Monday to celebrate the Chinese New Year! Ἰ Ἰ ἵ ἷἵ ἵ ἵ ἶἶἶἶἵἶ ἶἶ ἷἶ ἷἶ ἷἷἷἷ ἷ

All that amazing food! Can’t get enough ὠ ὡ

ὠ ❤



Just a little reminder that the weather was once good .. Even in Denmark that now has way too much snow, cold, and degrees Celsius all the way down to -17 …

Yes, it’s super cold! Why would anyone be a tourist in this place and actually go here on vacation? ON PURPOSE! I just don’t get it ❤Since the exam in criminology I’ve been at home nursing my back. As a very busy law student, like most, I hunch over when I’m working which resulted in my back aching … And that’s the baseline of my 3 weeks of vacation …

If my back’s any better tomorrow I plan a visit to my dear, sweet horsie❤

But I guess we’ll just have to see how things goes for now.

In the nearest future I’ll be dropping of a gift for my best friend and it was not cheap! So she better like it!

Seriously … I’m kidding ὠ

I’ve planned a bowling trip/somethings with some of my friends at the end of January and it’s going to be so good!

There have this thing, if you play after 10 pm and you knock over the yellow ones (I do not know the word for “kejle”) you get a round for your friends! How great is that?!

And very soon I’m going to a concert with a friend or two to see a Danish band, Dúné. I really hope they’re as good as in 2009 (when I was in diapers)

And the day before that, I’m going to Copenhagen with that same friend to buy her erh… Something- it’s quite similar to my panda suit but I’m not sure if that’s the one she will choose. I mean. The cow is pretty cute too.

I would personally love a one with a mouse or RICKᾘ❤

That means even though I have a vacation I’m still busy ὤ

Oh yeah one more thing. I’m writing a second story and it’s coming along nicely but I am in need of a name for it and so it won’t be published until there is one ❤

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