It have taken me time - a lot of time - to find out what I need to stay creative. Creativity is not to be taken for granted. At least not for me. I need time to breathe, time to think, time to be on my own. I have slowly noticed what it does to my creativity when I get enough space - what it does to my thoughts - to my whole being. The best ideas often sees daylight when I have a rested mind. I have felt the purest moments of joy when surrounded by total silence. Time on my own is a gift and it took me years and years to learn the meaning of it. Without the small moments life gives me, without acknowledging and cherishing these moments my creativity would get trapped.

Caring for my creativity goes hand in hand with my wellbeing, which makes it even more important. A rested heart, a rested mind and a rested body is my recepie for wellbeing and below are my three tips on how to stay creative and at the same time take care of your wellbeing by clearing your head.

1. Walk slowly. I have always been very fast phased and people often tell me to wait up. Today I once again noticed that I rushed up a pair of stairs and I had to stop myself and try out what it would feel like to walk slowly - and it felt great! Suddenly I got some extra time to clear my head, to catch up with my thoughts and to actually see and feel the surroundings (the pretty ceiling and the art deco details for example).

2. When you are ready to rush out from your apartment - sit down for five minutes. I often rush through my morning routines or any other routines before going out but it makes a big difference if a give myself a short break once in a while. A new routine that I has tried out for a while is sitting down on the sofa just before heading out the door. It might sound funny but I have actually sat down a few times with my shoes and my coat on - giving myself an opportunity to catch up with myself. This tactic is pure magic! In a few minutes I enable myself to get a wider perspective on what I feel like, what I am about to do and what I should get prepared for. By doing this I enable myself to take on whatever follows with a much more relaxed mind, a clear head and an energized body.

3. Catch your favorite moments and make them look like you. What do you like? It is possible to surround you with more of this? I like my mornings slow and like them spent in a beautiful surrounding. This means that I should try to get to sleep a little bit earlier in the evening in order to save myself an extra hour in the morning. This hour I would spend preparing myself some breakfast served on my favourite china accompanied by fresh flowers, a podcast or even a brand new magazine straight from the store shelf (bought half an hour eralier when walking my dog). And tea - there is nothing that calms me down the same way that tea does.

What would a favorite moment of yours look like? One that makes you more creative and clears your head at the same time.

Let your creativity bloom! ❤️

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As I have told you in a previous blog post my partner is often found reading a book - and he collects them as well. His passion for books gave we quite a headache when we were about to move to our new apartment, because suddenly I had thousands of books on my shoulders - and that is a heavy load to bear. Well, thanks to my interest for interior design a took on the challenge and found places for almost every single one of them (we still have a load under our sofa though). Let me show you what I did!

First I built a Chinese wall out of books in our livingroom and I got rid of plenty. One might ask why we did not choose to have higher bookshelves and that is certainly a good question. The thing is that I was afraid of surrounding myself with a Mount Everest of books and I had to deal with that fear somehow. The solution was to buy lower bookshelves and then find other creative ways to fit the rest of the books. This turned out to be a great idea because suddenly it gave us an opportunity to hang a kollage of paintings above the bookshelves and even fit some design pieces on top of the shelves - at a hight where ones eye will be able to actually catch them.

We would both have loved to customize the perfect bookshelf for our space but at the time we chose to cut some of the renovation costs. This is how we bought a ready made solution from IKEA (I am sure you have heard of the BILLY series) and today we can see our bookshelves sag little by little each day. My tip is to put money on quality where there is needed. Even though it looks good at the moment these shelves will not survive a lifetime of heavy loads.

Since books are still found all over our apartment my next blog post will be about finding more creative ways to deal with books as parts of interior design.

Elsa is getting ready for the weekend from her place under the Uncle Jim chair (Kartell).

Happy weekend everybody!



I couple of weeks ago I visited London for the weekend - and is there a better place for a cup of fine tea in Europe than that? I could not resist the tea selection and had to get some boxes back with me.

As you can see I could not resist the tea biscuits either and I got myself a beautiful turquoise tube of pistachio and clotted cream biscuits by Fortnum & Maison from the airport - or well, I got them because of the beautiful tube of course.

I have to point out my favorite ceramic bowl as well. The bowl is designed for Arabia by Francesca Lindh and we got it from the Finnish auction-house Hagelstam.

My assistant Elsa can smell a fine tea from a distance.



Well, there is me, Elin. I am a small town girl who moved to Helsinki about seven years ago. During my years in Helsinki I have finished my Masters degree in Business Administration and Economics at Hanken School of Economics, a have found the man of my life and I have, for the first time in my life, got an apartment filled with beautiful things, harmony and love. My passion in life is - not surprisingly - interiors beautiful things and beautiful surroundings. This passion did however vanish during my studies but now I am here to make the best of it - and to make sure I follow my dreams while enjoying my home, my castle.

And so there is Johan - my inspiration, my calm, my partner in everything. He has got a true passion for arts and design but his day job is working as an attorney. When not at the office he is probably found reading a book, guiding at an art exhibition or sipping on a Gin and Tonic. The nicest thing about Johan is that he believes in my interior opinions - and I believe in his.

Of course she counts as our third family wheel - Elsa - our dog. Whoever would be added to our family in the future would be the fourth. Elsa is a proud Bolognese and she has got a delicate taste for all carpets and rugs. Elsa's favorite carpet to roll and scratch on is an original Kelim, a heritage from Johan's ancestors. Elsa is the light of our home and my highly respected assistant when it comes to photographing and trying out pillows for beds and sofas.

Not long ago, in November 2016, we moved to our first own apartment. The move was the start of me finding my passion for interiors again. For the first time I had an apartment to renovate, to decorate and to fill with things I get inspired by. What we then realized was that this an interest we share with my partner - and I could not be happier with the result of our minds working together to create something special.

Looking forward to from now on be sharing my home, my inspiration and my passion for all things beautiful with you guys!



I really don't know where I looked for furnitures before I started following Bukowskis, Hagelstam, Stockholms auktionsverk and other auction houses - auction houses are such gold mines! Lately is has also been said that antique is quite affordable at the moment. Let's start this bargain-hunt, shall we?

Some years ago I was mostly into white...and more white. Nowadays I can find beauty in the strangest pieces and I would never have thought that I would find a Chinese cabinet to be suitable for my home - but now I have! I really adore the Chinese cabinet in the picture and it looks like our bid for a new bureau/cabinet is going that direction as well.

Chinese cabinet / Black cabinet

I really like the bureau above and it would easily fit with our other furnitures. The problem (if you ask me) is that this bureau is from the mid 1900s, which means that it is a copy of the original Gustavian style era that goes way back to the 1700s. I would rather look for an original piece even though the condition would be worse. An original antique piece fill the home with a historical atmosphere that a copy could not accomplish even though it would look as good and be as beautiful.

Bureau Gustavian style

My partner work as an attorney and he often has to work from home in the evenings and on weekends. The problem is that our apartment can not fit a separate writing table at the moment and one idea was to combine our new bureau with a writing table like the one above. Most of the bureaus that comes with writing tables are however too deep by their measurements and I have not found a perfect one yet.

bureau with writing table

Stay tuned for the result - I will show you pictures of before and after by the time we have found our new (antique) bureau. Perhaps it will be the Chinese cabinet that enters our home soon, what is your guess?



herringbone marble tile floor

During the past few days I have been looking at bathroom flooring and I'm head over heels - in love. The floor that have taken my breath away is a herringbone marble tile floor. This fantastic floor is usually made out of marble (which of course can get quite expensive) but I have also seen versions made out of other material such as different stones and tiles.

Unfortunately we are not about to renovate our bathroom anytime soon but I'll certainly keep this flooring on my mind until a possible move or renovation. As you can see from the pictures herringbone tile can also be used on the walls - a great idea as well!