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Hi Friends!

This is my first real post on this blog. I'm going to write about some of the designer bags i love. I think it's insane, I have +20 follows on my instagram, and I just started ! So i would like to thank you!! Now get ready to the post.

The shopper by malene Birger: I love this bag because it's just so simple and pretty. I have thought i would be perfect for school. It's big, lovely and just practice👌 It cost 2099 dkk on and it's 334,75 USD.øj-til-kvinder/tilbehør/tasker/by-malene-birger-632/grinolas-636997-0014/

The monogram blogger bag in grey leather from YSL. It's just a classy shoulderbag. But it's just so pretty with the little tassel and the classy metal interlocking YSL signature. This bag cost 5.578,59 dkk on and it cost 889,68 USD.

The shopping tote bag from Saint Laurent is a very pretty and simple bag. The gray leather makes it a bag that never go out of style and that is amazing wenn you buys such an expensive bag. It cost the same as the little cross shoulderbag. So 5.578,59 dkk on YSL.comand 889,68 USD.🌼

The large clutch from Kooreloo is so special but amazing. I LOVE the origanal look. Every bag is differnt, because it's handmade. The chain is adjustable! I love the colors in this bag and will just make every outfit colorful and fun! This is not a very expensive bag. It cost 1.562,01 dkk on and that's 249,34 USD.💕

The crossover bag from Gucci is very pretty and just make an outfit more interesting. I would say every woman needs a red bag in their life. It don't matter if it's from H&M or from Gucci. This Soho leather disco dag in red leather is so lovely. They had it in yellow once, but i couldn't find it, but I loved the model and that was why I chose THIS red bag. It cost 6.144,89 dkk on and it's 980 USD❣️

Now we should go to my favorite!! 💛💛💛The yellow GG crossbody bag from Gucci. I think it's so cool with a colored bag. The yellow is so lovely and pretty! It's cost 10.471 dkk on and it's 1.670 USD. So this is the most expencsive bag I have found.

Just thinking about this bag makes me happy! As some of you know, or have guessed, is that I Love this peach colour/ soft pink. I love the girly vibe it gives😍 but if you aren't into the girly colour, Michael Kors have it in a lot of different colour and also other models. It is so amazing for traveling or to school or work because it have a lot space in there! It cost 2500 dkk on and that is 404,35 USD!

This black classic chain bag from moschino is a very simple crossover bag. The chain have that amazing function of making the chain long and short, so you always can use it. Like the Chanel bags also have, Chanel is also incredibly😍 Black bags are not really my favourite kind of bags! I love the colours to make a outfit more interesting! But every girl need a black bag!🖤 it cost 1559 dkk and and that is 252,15 USD.

Marc Jacobs also had to get on this list, since it's my favourite designer brand! I love the style and this bag is amazing for work and school! I love the brown colour to this bag. The bag is called The Bold Grind Shopper Tote Bag. Its leather is pretty, the design is cool and the bag is nothing but perfect💕 it cost 2627,66 dkk on and it's 425 USD

My only designer bag is the Marc Jacobs saddle nomad, so I had to put the bag in this post! But when I was looking for the bag I found the bag in the fall colour, blackberry!! I love it😍 it cost 2318,52 on and in USD it cost 375! Amazing bag for the price😍

- Caro E

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