Vegan Weekly Haul

The highlight of my week is honestly my weekly grocery shopping, so I thought I would start a weekly blog with what I buy on a plant based (ISH) diet every week. I'm 26 but it honestly have taken my years after moving out of my parents home to learn how to grocery shop. I would always buy way too much and ended up having to throw away over half of the fresh produce because it would go bad before I got to use it etc. I now know what I need and love to have available fresh, frozen and dry.

This week was a very simple shop. I'm a simple (ISH) girl, and I mostly eat at work but I love to have some easy snacks and easy cooking items available for the days I am off or just for an evening when I forget to eat at work. Recently I have been craving tortilla wraps (lol, I said I'm simple to please) and I got items mainly for that purpose as it can last me the whole week, packed of nutrients and deliciousness. I try to shop my weekly hauls for £10 (about 100 NOK), and my monthly shopping which I will show you a different time for a bit more.

Mushrooms, Onions, Curried Chickpeas, Mango Chutney, Sweet Peppers, my favourite dairy-free butter, green leaf mix, Meditteran tortilla wraps (I prefer the multi-seeded ones, tortellini (non-vegan).

Recipe of the week:

Curried chickpeas, chopped onion and green mix in the blender for a smooth hummus-like base.

Put on the tortilla with mango chutney

Add fresh green mix, chopped onions

Sautee mushroom and peppers

Voila, that's it!