Sundays are the best for relaxing, cleaning and re-charging for the new week. Growing up in Norway I really learned to appreciate taking Sunday as a 'Holy' day and I always spend my Sundays cleaning the house, listening to Indie music - which reminds me of the times in our town house with my sister when my mom would clean. The fresh smell of new laundry and dishes being made. It's such a precious time for me.

After cleaning I always love to go for a little walk in the afternoon sun when the streets are quieting down and shops are closing. London which is an always bustling city has a totally different atmosphere during the late Sundays Afternoons.

Christian and I went for a little coffee & walk before he went to work and I went home to finish the chores at home. How beautiful isn't our neighbourhood streets during fall?

How do you like enjoying your Sundays? xxx

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Loving the mood in your pictures!