Secret Tip @ Westfield Shopping Centre

Today I'm going to share with you a little cheeky tip from me in Westfield Shopping Centre @ Stratford. It may not be secret but it is overlooked by many when visiting one of the grandest shopping malls in London. (100%) worth the trip for a day of shopping in their (350!) stores at the mall - with everything from Gucci and Calvin Klein to Primark and Bershka! I absolutely recommend coming here if you are in London for shopping as Oxford Street usually is over-crowded with tourists and long lines.

My tip however is for when to go for a coffee and lunch, instead of going to the main food court with McDonalds, Nando's, Burger King (although that can be fun too!), I recommend highly walking to the end of the mall (or straight to the left kind of hidden entrance just out of the parking garage. ) This is the "Great Estern Market" where you have food, coffee, groceries alternatives from Authenting Eastern European places. The cafes are super cute and Instagramable, the lights are so moody and amazing, the vibe is dope and the food and coffees are super authentic!

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