Miami Throwback

I was just sitting and thinking about my Bucketlist, all the places I still want to go and all the experiences I still wish to have! Now with that being said I just clicked on my old Vimeo Channel and came across my old video from when I went to Miami very spontaneously and met my soul-sister Lucilla from Paris. Im thinking like Oh My God how much shit I have actually experienced in life!! This video is not exactly prime editing, but Im so glad its still out there lmao! It just made me so motivated to save money and get back into traveling and filming and editing now that I know a lot more. Anyways if you want to see it, here it is. Maybe one day I will make a story time about how I hitchhiked down to Miami with a stranger I met in the airport in North Florida, ended up in a hostel with my Parisian best friend (who I met through Instagram a week before) and met one of my closest friends from South Africa as he thought I was Blake Lively in the line of getting our tickets, and how we would all meet up in New York City 3 years later, woke up with cops in our bedroom, helping a French model who got left in customs by her other French model friend, how we got high out of our minds, ended up in a pool villa, with a guy I would be dating three years later flying me out to Florida to see him again, etc etc. My life you guys, is a story.