Autumn is great, especially since apples are getting cheaper so my dad starts his annual apple drying tradition. Some may not understand to what extent he dries apples haha. But those who have seen the huge boxes of apples I get delivered every year will know what's up. Since my parents came to visit me last week, they brought one of these boxes with them. This means that I have a never ending amount of apple crips, all hidden away in my closet! This really is a great thing! I can snack on them all day and I don't feel hungry afterwards! And they are also really easy to make at home! All you need is a fruit drying machine and you can make your own! They are definitely my favorite snack/ but only when it is cold outside! Otherwise I prefer fresh fruit ☺️

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For about three weeks I haven't been feeling very good! I had a fever on and off and I was really tired. Since my body was also really sore I thought I was just exhausted from school or something, so I would stay in bed for a day or two and then start working again. What a huge mistake. So now it escalated to the point that I have something called "shingles". Pretty much I have a blistery rash covering my neck and my right ear- it itches and hurts :D . I am so annoyed with myself- I should have gone to the doctor sooner!

On Monday I got a weird itch on the back of my neck- I thought it was from a sweater or my scarf. But apparently that is the first symptom that tells you you have shingles. So if you are ever really itchy on a limited part of your skin go to the doctor( if you also have a fever or feel weak). Then on Tuesday I woke up and my neck was really sore- again, I thought I slept in a weird position and that I pulled a muscle. Only on Wednesday morning I started feeling some bumps on my neck and around my ears- that was my lymph nodes swelling up. And then last night I got a rash on my neck- so I decided to call the doctor this morning. And oh boy! Am I happy I did that. Thankfully I caught it in a really early stage, so I have pills which will slow it down- I just need to stay in bed and sleep a lot for the next few days.

So if you ever have symptoms like this- go to the doctor haha! I am happy I finally know why I have been sick for so long! And can't wait to be up and going 100% again soon. Now I just need to stay in bed and drink a lot of tea- my favorite is ginger, mint and lemon and honey! I think I will take a nap now! Have a great day guys❤️



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Hey guys! So I decided to share with you some info I just recently came across. I recently started using the Sonicare Philips toothbrush, and I want to explain why I decided to do that. I have had some issues with my teeth in the past and I finally solved them I think. This post is a little longer, but bare with me haha I think I have some information that everyone should be aware of.

Me personally, I have always been taught to brush my teeth for at least 3 minutes, floss, rinse etc. etc... And you can probably imagine my surprise, when I changed dentists, and the new one told me that I had 8 cavities or starting cavities- I couldn't believe it because I have always taken really good care of my teeth. After spending two days at the dentist, with my mouth open for 6 hours a day ( complete hell) I found out that I have a problem with my teeth, where I have places I can't brush, because a toothbrush or anything else can't get there. Specifically it is on the back teeth, where on the part that you use to bite there are little chinks, or slits, where food bits get stuck but it is not possible to get it out because a toothbrush can't get in these places. So my amazing dentist fixed all that and put what is called seals- it is partly preventative, so that I don't get cavities in my teeth. This was two years ago.

Now, two years later, I take even more precise care of my teeth- I have little brushes, that are used between teeth. And I brush like hell, because to be honest that experience freaked me out! So I was set on never having to get any cavities removed haha.

HOWEVER! I went to the dentist when I was in the Czech Republic a few weeks ago and the dentist told me my teeth aren't properly brushed. At this point I was like WTF! What more do I have to do. My dentist asked me what toothbrush I use- Curaprox. And he told me, that there are different numbers on the toothbrush- you have different degrees of softness- 1560, 3960 and 5460. And he explained that the only one people should use it 1560, that the one that has 3960 is used for people who have gum problems or have had dental surgery. He didn't even mention the 5460, because that is only prescribed, when people need really really gentile dental care.

I got home and checked the number and OMG- I had the 5460. This pretty much means that I can brush as much as I want, but there will be no result. So I got the 1560 one now as well- and I think it is a lot better. To my luck my cousin works at Philips and she gave me their dental care series- Sonicare. I have a toothbrush and the airfloss. I have been using it for two weeks now and I am so happy with it- I can tell my teeth are cleaner now, because as my dentist explained to me you can check by running your tongue over your teeth and they should feel smooth, not bumpy or anything- because if they are bumpy it means you need to clean more. I can also see on my teeth that there are not yellow spots right under the gum and I feel a lot more fresh in my mouth ( if you know what I mean haha).

What I really like about my new toothbrush is that it makes cleaning a lot more easy- it pretty much does all the work for me and I can literally sit in front of my TV and brush. If you get one of these, you also get a brochure that explains the right way to brush your teeth and how to have the angle of the toothbrush so that it works best. But yeah the easiness of the whole thing is what I really enjoy!

I think I will write a bit more specific post about this, because I got so much cool info from my cousin- she works as a professional marketing person at Philips, so she works a lot with dental hygienists and dentists so she explained a lot about dental care to me. I think it is really easy to take care of your teeth! And it is really worth it. Sitting on a dentist's chair with your mouth open for 12 hours is not something I would wish to anyone! Not even my worse enemy haha! For all of you out there, make sure to use the right toothbrush. And you can find out more about the Philips products HERE.