How to make good life decisions

Do you feel stuck somewhere in your life? Are you afraid to take the appropriate steps to improve your career, relationships, health, and prosperity

Do you want to make successful decisions that keep you in tune with your dreams

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to evaluate your decision-making process. To avoid important obstacles on the way to success, you have to understand how the process works.

Think about the most difficult options you will encounter in your adult life: choosing a health plan, planning your wedding, quitting your job, starting your own business, understanding how much you need

Decision making plays an important role in the occurrence of events in our lives. However, people often do not pay much attention to the profound effects of decision making. Many of us act in life without knowing what thoughts we think and what precautions we take.

However, the daily decisions we make create our reality. And our decisions shape who we are as individuals

Fortunately, it has been scientifically proven that it is possible to reprogram your brain for higher levels of consciousness. So if you're not happy with the way things are going in your life, the key to being and creating the person you want to be is to make harmonious efforts to make better decisions to move away from the comfort zone. The life you want to live in the future.

When you strive to control your health, wealth, and lifestyle, you activate the four neurological processes:

Waldman is referred to as "4 pillars of wealth". Here you are:


When you recognize what motivates you uniquely, you can consciously choose the activities that bring the greatest success.

To decide

After you are motivated to get or do something, your brain activates the circuits in the frontal lobes to make decisions. This process can be disrupted by stress, fear, and distrust. However, you can train your mind to stay focused, confident, and optimistic.


By using the power of your creative imagination, you solve problems faster and increase your productivity.


A careful self-reflection process can increase your self-esteem, your social awareness, and your spiritual awareness by giving your life more meaning and purpose. You will also activate your brain's empathy, compassion, and moral circulation.

Each of the four columns above is important to achieve the goal and success. If you neglect one of them, you will likely limit your ability to build both internal and external wealth.

Use both sides of your brain

When you make a big decision, you feel empowered to use both sides of your brain (only logically, rather than your left side). It is important to find a balance between emotion and mind.

Your decision-making and ideation processes begin in your left prefrontal cortex. If there are not enough emotions behind these processes, the part of your brain called the Core Mind is not activated. If NAC is not activated, dopamine the well-known neurotransmitter that recognizes the reward will not be released into your body and you will likely have no motivation in your comfort zone. Decisions from the comfort zone rarely benefit you in the long run.

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