"What are you doing?"

"I am a geographer," said the old gentleman.

"What is a geographer?" asked the little prince.

"A geographer is a scholar who knows the location of all the seas, rivers, towns, mountains, and deserts."

So thas was the last year of my first degree. it feels so weird that its over.

I found a job at an office, but i feel so lost. like, i know i want to do greater things that sitting at the office.

when i first started this degree 3 years ago i said to myself "learn and change", but there nothing i change right now. and i know that great things take time but i'm just that kind of person that cant just sit around waiting for something to happen.

I wanna learn new things.

I wanna wake up every morning and think to myself- today is another useful day. Another day i will do great.