Uber Bed – The Ultimate Bed Enclosure System

What if you could enjoy a massage while listening to soothing music in the privacy of your bedroom anytime you wanted? The Uber Bed offers you exactly what – it is the ultimate bed enclosure system that comes with exciting features like an integrated massage chair, Bluetooth speakers, reading lamp, mini bookshelf and more!

Listen to Music

You can connect all your devices via Bluetooth, and turn on the inbuilt HQ speakers when you wish to listen to a particular song, a radio station of your choice or your favorite podcast. Just sit back and relax on this bed with Bluetooth speakers – it is an immensely pleasant experience!

Work Comfortably

No need to leave your bedroom to work on your laptop or go over important documents. A pop-up desk can be set up so you can sit on the bed and work in the right posture. A built-in reading lamp makes it all the more convenient. You can curl up with a thrilling novel under the blanket on a cold winter night, thanks to the bright light from the lamp.

Charge Your Devices

Is your phone out of charge? Wish to complete urgent work on your laptop but it is running low on battery? Simply use the charging station to connect and power up your devices once again!

Enjoy a Massage

Does your back feel sore after a hectic day at work? Is your neck feeling stiff after sitting for long hours in front of the computer? You don’t need to schedule a massage appointment when it is available in your home itself! The integrated massage chair stimulates all trigger points in your body that cause aches and stiffness, so the stress and tension are gradually eased away and you get relief from pain. Use the remote to control the intensity of the bed with a massage chair as per your comfort level. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated once you are done!

Secure Your Valuables

Worried about your valuables and their security? The built-in safe ensures your valuables are secure at all times. You get peace of mind knowing they are close to you while you sleep. No intruders can get access to those for sure!

Encourage Your Love for Books

Don’t feel like climbing out of bed and taking out a book from the bookshelf in your living room? The ultimate bed comes with a built-in mini bookshelf, so you can keep your favorite books in one place. You don’t have to worry if there is no place in your bedroom for a shelf, nor do you need to go to another room in order to get the book of your choice. They are right next to you!

Modular Footstool

To make it all the more convenient for you, the footstool is structured in a modular fashion so it can be moved around and connected with each module at the position where you want it. For instance, the massage chair can be shifted to the side of the bed, while the footstool can be moved to the opposite side. It is your personalized space – you can do whatever you want!

The ultimate bed with massage chair transforms your bedroom into a luxurious hotel room. In fact, if you are planning a “staycation” to relax and unwind, you don’t even have to leave your bedroom. You can sleep as long as you wish to, get a massage, listen to music, watch movies on your laptop, or cuddle under the covers while reading a book. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and place your order for this Ultimate bed with speakers!