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Golden Corral prices, do you want to know? If you like this then learn here the total price list of golden corral.

If you are from the South and Do you visit Golden corral? I found the best America's #1 Buffet. Also I found the best Golden Corral menu prices today. You can also get the benefits and other variants of this. So let's find out it.

Golden Corral Prices | Check the Latest Price

If you are a golden corral lover then you have to know the latest price of it. I will make it easy for you. You don’t have to worry about the update price. So let’s begin.


Sat. & Sun (Open - 11 A.M.)


Lunch and Brunch

Mon-Sat (Open - 4 P.M.) - Beverage is not included in the price. $9.29/person

For Children

Beverage not included

0-3 years old (free) $0.00 per child

4 to 8 years old


9 to 12 years old


Weekend at a Premium

0-3 years old (free) $0.00 per child

4 to 8 years old


9 to 12 years old


Seniors Breakfast

Sunday & Saturday (Open to 11 A.M.) - Ages 60 and Up; Beverage Not Included $9.39/person

Lunch and Brunch

From Monday to Saturday (Open - 4 P.M.) - Ages 60 and Up; Beverage Not Included $8.79/person

Adults' Weeknight Dinner Buffet

Beverage is not included in the price.

From Monday to Thursday (4 P.M. - Close)


After 4 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, $14.99 per person

$14.99 per person after 11 a.m. on Sunday

Weeknight Dinner Buffet for Seniors | Beverage Not Included

From Monday to Thursday (4 P.M. - Close) $13.49/person

After 4 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.


$14.49 per person after 11 a.m. on Sunday

Early Bird Special for Seniors (Mon. thru Fri. from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M.) - Beverage is included $8.49/person



Breakfast $5.99/pound

Lunch will be served (Monday - Friday)


Saturday and Sunday, dinner and all day


What Menu You Can Follow

Roasting in a pot (Serves 2-4) Bourbon Chicken 1/2 Pan $12.49/lb (Serves 16-20) $34.99

3 pound loaf of meatloaf - (Serves 6-9)


Ham Slices (Serves 2-4)


Roast Beef Slices (Serves 2-4)


Turkey Slices (Serves 2-4)


$7.99 per person for a cheese pizza

(Beef or Poultry Gravy) (Serves 80-100)


1/4 chicken baked in the oven (Serves 1)


Golden Corral Menu 2021 | You Have To Must Check

Assuming you live in the South, it seems like Golden Corral has consistently been there. There might be grandparents who've been partaking in their suppers since they when all is said and done, were young people. That is on the grounds that the first opened way back in 1973.

It's 2020 now, so that is 47 years prior. They're likewise going to be here a drawn-out period of time, as a business is blasting. Truth be told, in the rundown of the Top 200 Food and Restaurant Franchises of 2018, Golden Corral positions #1 among the Full-Service Restaurants. Denny's, in the examination, positions second in this classification.

What is The Locations

The principal Golden Corral was in Fayetteville, North Carolina. It began as a steakhouse that could oblige up to 175 individuals. Then, at that point, it developed, as they set up spending steakhouses all around the South, in little urban communities from Texas to Virginia.

In the 1980s, Golden Corral paid attention to the solicitations of their supporters so they changed the brand. They added the Buffet and Grill unit, which offers hot and cold things that numbered in the hundreds.

Then, at that point, they additionally put in the Brass Bell Bakery. Here, you can get your rolls, treats, and biscuits, alongside pies and pizza. They're totally made completely without any preparation.

In 2001, they caused another expansion by extending to incorporate cooked-to-arrange sirloin steaks. As of late 2017, they added their new Smokehouse menu. Presently you can appreciate slow-cooked smoked pork grill and chicken for lunch and supper at any time. For everyday meals, you can likewise get smoked cut child back ribs. At the end of the week, there is cut brisket and furthermore turkey.

Today, they're not right across the American South. They're in New York State (there's one in the Bronx), California, Washington State, Michigan, Nevada, and even Alaska. They're in 42 states for the occasion. There's likewise a Golden Corral in Vancouver, so in fact, it's presently a global establishment.

What amount is Golden Corral?

"Costly" isn't a word you will, in general, connect with Golden Corral. All things considered, the greatest cost you'd pay is the point at which you're partaking in an end-of-the-week supper, and that will just cost you around $14.99 per individual for the food. The refreshments are excluded. In any case, from Monday to Thursday, this value drops to simply $13.99 per individual for a feast past 4 PM.

Golden Corral Lunch Prices

From Monday to Saturday, you can appreciate an informal breakfast or lunch for about $9.29 until 4 PM. On Saturday and Sunday, you can likewise appreciate breakfast until 11 AM for just $9.89.

One reason why Golden Corral is so well known is a result of these low prices. It's not too simple to discover comparative prices in eateries that let you eat however much you can. Now and then you need to consider how these establishments bring in cash depending on how little they charge and how much food they offer, however at that point that is not actually your concern.

Senior Benefits

Being more established enjoys its benefits, particularly when you're in Golden Corral. In case you're over 60 years of age, the prices drop.

Partake in your food (excluding the refreshment) for just $14.49 on the off chance that you show up beyond 4 PM on Friday and Saturday for your smorgasbord or on the other hand on the off chance that you come for early lunch on Sunday past 11 AM. For your weeknight supper from Monday to Thursday, you just pay about $13.49 per individual after 4 PM.

There's likewise a Senior Early Bird Special from Monday to Friday, when you feast from 11 AM to 4 PM. This will just cost you just $8.49 per individual.

What might be said about breakfast? On Saturday and Sunday, your morning meal until 11 AM will just cost about $9.39 per individual, however, drinks aren't important for the cost. From Monday to Saturday, you just need to pay $8.79 per individual and appreciate informal breakfast and lunch until 4 PM.

Numerous seniors love to come here on the grounds that it's a particularly loosened-up spot to visit. It's not on the grounds that they appreciate limits, however, that is essential for the explanation. Be that as it may, numerous old folks gather at Golden Corral at end of the week, and their quality makes each visit truly comfortable.

Treats for Kids

A ton of eateries these days are starting to have a to some degree irresolute outlook on the presence of youngsters. In any case, that is false with Golden Corral, since they're exceptionally inviting with regards to kids. All things considered, an enormous piece of their menus is equipped for kids.

"Children" here don't allude to youngsters, however. All things considered, they're as of now inflexible in saying "We're not kids any longer," correct? However, for kids from ages 9 to 12 years of age, the expense is just $7.99 per individual at the end of the week. On normal non-weekend days, it's simply $6.99, and that even takes care of the expense of the refreshment.

Considerably more youthful children from 4 to 8 years of age settle the score greater limits. For quite a long time, they just need to pay $6.99. On weeknights, it's simply $5.99.

Yet, what might be said about the truly small children from ages 3 and under? No, they don't need to remain at home. You can bring them along and they can eat—and it's free.

What's intended for Breakfast?

You have a lot of choices to begin your day directly at Golden Corral. You can begin with bread in light of the fact that even non-devotees of Golden Corral (indeed, those individuals exist) recognize how fabulous the bread can be here. It's considered the "foundation of the Golden Corral realm" and that it's "somewhat sweet, feathery, and NOT TO BE UNDERESTIMATED". That all-covers are taken straightforwardly from a pundit.

Different choices include:

Burrito with egg and chorizo or frankfurter

6 kinds of oat

Different kinds of eggs including eggs benedict

Hotcakes, including chocolate chip and blueberry assortments

Breakfast pizza (indeed, there's something like this)

4 kinds of quiche


Cornmeal, which can be with cheddar


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