Question: "How do you recharge?"

Hi guys, hope you are great! We are doing a Q&A now on our Instagram story and one question we got was "How do you recharge from work during the weekend?". Here are some things we like to do:

1) Be more in nature. Studies have found that nature have a positive impact on our health.

2) Practice mindfulness. Our happiness has been found to correlate with being present. Things like cleaning can actually be more pleasant if you try to be fully in the moment. Being present is especially good while interacting with others.

3) Do something creative. We all are creative but we to different degrees decided to hide it. Do you like painting? Creating cartoons? Writing novels? If it doesn't come natural to you, set an alarm and give yourself 10 minutes to do something creative.

4) Reach out to friends and family members. Even if you feel a bit lazy, a walk outside with something you like will most often boost your energy.

Do you have any more advice



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