My life in London part 2

I have now told you what my life looks like from an objective viewpoint. Again - objectively, things are great. Greater than great. I believe the mathematicians call it: > great. And as you probably already know from my previous globally renowned, outstanding, award-winning and notable acknowledgements: I am 100% mathematician. I can't help it - fractions, algebra, calculus and other arithmetic phenomena just flow in my blood, veins, arteries and deep into their venules, arterioles and capillaries even. It's in my nature to just get it when it comes to statistics, geometric shapes and percentage. For instance; I just calculated my monthly income, outgoings and deducted tax to see what exciting possibilities my future holds and came to the conclusion that I will most likely die at age 26.
...So yeah. #maths

Anyway, back to my life in London part deux; parce que la vie n'est pas toujours un beau rêve. (That's the German way of saying "life isn't easy but you can always try scrap-booking and physiotherapy.")

So... This has nothing to do with London itself, but living here - moving out and being on my own, I have come to realise the following: SOME PEOPLE ARE SHIT. JUST SHIT. CRAP. POOP. EXCREMENT. D I S C H A R G E. ...Fecal matter. Number two. The final stage of bowel mov- OK I'm gonna stop.

...I believe the mathematicians call it: < great.

People here have lied straight to my face, taken my money, back-stabbed me and gotten me into trouble at work, "friends" have turned out to be awful at friending and my wor- YOU CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE HOW MANY ABSURD THINGS I HAVE WITNESSED SINCE COMING HERE. When I came to London for film, art, music and drama this wasn't what I meant lol.

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