I randomly had this idea to make a new blog and try some different blog platform so yeah. Btw, this is my first time blogging since 2015.

Hi you, whoever is reading this.

My name is Henna. I'm 17 years old, gonna turn 18 in July. I really don't know how to start this, so I'll just tell basic stuff about me.

I like the color blue and I like wearing nice clothes what feel comfortable. I have a cat. My music taste includes almost every music genre and I couldn't go a day without listening music. Oh yeah I also dance. (no you don't have to be skinny to dance)

I used to do YouTube videos but I kinda forgot it since I didn't have enough time, but now I'm planning on starting a new channel with my best friend. I also like watching YouTube, mainly Swedish (like Michelle Desmond, Amanda Strand and Thomas Sekelius) and English YouTubers (for example Manny MUA and sophdoesnails), not so much Finnish YouTubers because I love to watch makeup videos and when Finnish people do them.... meh (this is just my opinion, some people like those, but I personally don't). I have internet friends around the world, and hopefully I'll be meeting a few of them this year, I met few one last year, and two of them I'm planning to meet this year too.

I'm a supporter to this band called FO&O and to this artist called Isac Elliot. I happened to meet them both last year.
The first picture you see on the right is me, my friends and FO&O. We were on their cruise gig and after the gig we heard they we're leaving the boat at next port so we went to the doors and met them. We had so much fun talking to them and taking pictures that the time was soon over and they had to leave, but hopefully I'll meet them this year too.
The picture under the first one is me and Isac Elliot. I won local radio station's competition where I got tickets to Isac's gig and I got to meet him (and one other artist who he was on tour with). I chatted with him and made him drink ginger shots (that was freaking hilarious) and once again the time just flew by and they left and we went to wait for the gig to start.
Ofc I stan more artists too but those two are taking big place in my life rn.

I don't know what should I tell about myself more, you can ask something in comments and I'll answer haha. I'll start doing more posts when gig stuff starts, for now I'm chilling at home and looking through gigs what are gonna be in my town and saving money for tickets but yeahh. If I start the YouTube channel too, blogging might be difficult, when you try to balance two things, but let's not worry about it yet.

Until next post, baii!