Souvenirs aka makeup from Sweden

What do you usually ask people to bring you when they go abroad?
Some ask for chocolate, magnets, specific clothes. I ask for makeup. If you are a friend of mine and you go somewhere where is at least one Sephora you will get a list.
Yes, I am awful that way.

Last weekend my parents were the one who got a list. I needed new Kat Von D liner and Huda Beauty mini palette.

The palette I wanted, Mauve Obsessions was sold out (shocking) but there was another one which is as fabulous.
It is Warm Brown Obsessions.

I also surprisingly got new mascara from Dior which is already kicking Mr. Big’s ass, and also their concealer which is a bit too dark for me but works nicely as color corrector under foundation.
This weekend I promise to do a whole look, so keep an eye on my Insta 😅

Are there any makeup items you recently got or crave for?