The the past couple of years word “routine” got so much bad rep, to a point where every cheap women’s magazine wrote at least one article on “10 WAYS TO GET RID OF THE ROUTINE!!!”😡

Routine is not always bad and confining, a good routine can help you relax and just let you be because your brain doesn’t really need to make a lot of decisions. Good routines structure the day and allow you to plan better.

Why I talk about that?

Every time I go away I start evaluating what I do at home. I start missing certain things and plan to get rid of the others.

Recently I have realized that most of what some would consider routine in a negative sense are rituals I do and they make me happy.☺️

I have just returned from Moscow where I have been for a week and the whole time I was there I missed my evening routine and rituals most of all.

I missed my LoFi beats, tea candles, Yogi Tea, warm sweater and Netflix fireplace.🕯 I even missed my maroon wall because if how light bounces off it.

Do you have rituals/routines which you miss when you are away from home?