Prague trip

In January on my birthday my amazing friend Maria said:”In March we will go on a trip! That is your gift hehe”.
And what a gift it was! Initially she wanted to keep the destination a secret until security check on the day of the departure. That didn’t happen and it doesn’t really matter, because thanks to that we had an amazing hotel booked for our stay.
I visited Prague for the first time years ago and that time I hated it. It was grey, boring etc. etc. This time I loved it so much, I wanted to take a picture of everything! I also tried to vlog, the way I did on my Amsterdam trip. Will see how long it will take me to edit that one first.
Have you ever been at Prague?

And just as a thank you for reading and looking at our pictures I wanted to add the edit I use on my pictures now and which was developed for my Amsterdam pictures. If you try it out tell me how it looks. I am genuinely interested!

P.s. For any extra change I recommend using Snapseed.



Oih! Oon ollut itsekkin Prahassa 4kertaa ja se on mielettömän kaunis 😍 Ei oo tullu käytyä nyt pariin vuoteen, mut näiden kuvien innottamana voisi kyllä suunnata sinne uudelleen! 👌🏼
Ihanaa! Ja minäkin nyt haluasin nyt mennä takaisiin ja jatkaa tutustumiseen siihen kaupungiin.