Petra, Lesbos

On my Instagram profile I mentioned that I am letting summer go and am giving into new season.

And it is true. Summer of 2018 is a memorable one for me, that is for sure. I will post August pictures later, because now it is time for the post about Greece.

First time I visited Greece was in 2016, I went to Crete with my friend Maria and it was a perfect way to mark my 24/25th country.

After that I wanted to come back for a long time.

This summer at first looked like that I will be staying only in Finland but one day I found a trip for two for 560€(!)at Tjäreborg app but to a different island- Lesbos and the town of Petra. It didn’t take long to convince Mikael to go on a trip with me.

I heard about the island only once before so it was an exciting new destination.

Trip was already planned by Tjäreborg and was at the end of August which is perfect time to go if you decide to go to Greece. It is already not as hot and most of the tourists are gone. But as a side note I have to say that in the town we were staying at, the water in the sea was very cold, I don’t know if it is because of the fact that it was almost September or just that there is a cold current in that location.

We stayed at nice hotel where we had the view on the main church of Petra and the sea. Room was small and nice with a mini kitchen. The joke of the week was the fact that we had “Christian beds” (two single beds pushed together).

I really recommend the town of Petra, because it was so pretty and small. But if you want more than just a beach holiday I really recommend to rent a car. We didn’t, because both of us were uncomfortable with the idea of driving the narrow (but very good!) mountain roads.

But you can still travel around the island by finding different trips. We went to the city of Molyvos and on the starlight cruise to Skala Sikamineas. I also was thinking about the trip to Turkey ( it would be around 30e back and forth for 1 person), but we decided not to. Still got to see the Turkish shore on the way from Skala Sikamineas.

I really recommend visiting Molyvos, it is very pretty, but get ready to walk (a lot!). Restaurants in the harbour are really great and you will have front row seats to see beautiful Greek sunset.

When it comes to Skala Sikamineas, it is ok. There are couple of cafes, restaurants and a church, but nothing particularly interesting.

What was interesting however was the night sky on the way back to Petra. With no light pollution stars were so bright! The boat had sunbeds on the roof so we could lie down and enjoy it. It was so beautiful!

Tips for anyone planning to go to Petra, Lesbos next year:

  • On the beach you don’t need to pay for the sunbeds and umbrellas, each restaurant had their own, so you as a customer can order let’s say a frappe and enjoy a day at the beach.
  • Rent a car if you are a good driver.
  • Try ouzo, you most likely won’t enjoy it but Lesbos is the island where most of the Greek ouzo comes from.
  • Try gyros at Kalderimi.
  • Try frappe. This one was a new thing for me because I haven’t seen it on Crete but on Lesbos it was everywhere!
  • Buy swimming shoes, because oh boy did I need them on our first day.
  • Try these foods: Youvetsi and moussaka at the Riff and zucchini flowers stuffed with feta at any other place.
  • Definitely try draft Mythos beer.

I will definitely visit Petra again in the future and explore Lesbos island more.

Where were you this summer? Any recommendations there?