Mister Gatsby and his Helsinki mansion.

Last year I spoted Gatsby party in Helsinki, but tickets were long gone.
So I made it my goal to get those tickets next time. Let’s just say I did and they were “last minute tickets”.

First there was euphoria because me and my friend were going to a proper party where everyone will be dressed according to the theme etc.
Then came the realization that well, we need to find dresses or something to fit the style of the roaring twenties. We honestly thought that after NYE there will be lots of discounted dresses in the style of the 20’s. Ha! Apparently 70’s and 60’s were IT in 2017 and we didn’t even notice. Groovy one-pieces and mini dresses with weird prints. That was all we got.
I was lucky to find nice little dress which was ok for 20’s but needed lots of accessories. At least it cost me only 8€ for and 15€ for all the extra things.
Monki is the savior in this case!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we have booked a huge room at Radisson Blu Seaside with a bathtub to really unwind and have a proper party. It was my first time there and I gotta say I will be back!

The party itself was gorgeous! It was at the old student house in the middle of Helsinki. There were people with gorgeous attires, there was fantastic live music, acrobats and even burlesque show ;)

I will be definitely going there again. If not next year but in 2020. I bet then it will be even bigger!

I really recommend to keep an eye on that event: https://partylikegatsby.eu/




Looks like so much fun 😃