Lavera makeup

Recently I started to care more about environment and ways items I am using have been produced.

But one thing which was unknown to me was makeup which is vegan. I am not even sure how that happened that I never used such makeup.

Now thanks to Lavera Naturkosmetik I had a pleasure to try some items for the easy everyday look.

I got to try tinted moisturiser, pore refining moisturiser, mascara and lipsticks. Using them for sometime and mixing the routine was extremely interesting.

I used tinted moisturiser on days when I didn't want to use makeup but wanted to look like I slept longer than 7 hours. And for that it worked perfectly. Tinted cream was very moisturising and surprisingly contained aloe vera in it, which made skin feel incredible.

But a real game changer was the Pore refining moisturising fluid. It has zinc and salicylic acid, and it made my combination skin look fantastic and makeup on top of it lasted longer and looked much smoother. For science I decided to use it for 7 days to actually form an opinion.

In the after picture I am wearing Colour Intense lipstick in shade Timeless Red. Interestingly enough it turned out to be not only vegan but also gluten free. Which is definitely amazing for people who are actually allergic. Timeless Red is now one of my favourite reds, because it is creamy and it was that type of red which makes you look like you have whitened your teeth.

In the picture I am also wearing Front Row Curl Mascara and if I had to pick one favourite product it would be it. This mascara lasts all day and through mild workout and most importantly you don't need to waste millions of cotton rounds to get it off.

Yhteistyössä NHS kanssa. #lavera #nhsfi #laverasuomi #makeupaddict #makeup #veganmakeup



läppstiftet är ju super härligt!
Nhs on kyllä hyvä kauppa, itsekkin olen heidän kanssaan yhteistyötä tehnyt 😊 Ja laveran kosmetiikka on ihanaa <3 Tuo huulipuna on ihan täydellisen sävyinen 😎
Se on! Myös niiden glossit ovat aivan mahtavia!