July 2018

It feels like most bloggers, YouTubers etc. have made their July posts weeks ago (even it was still July).

I had a somewhat emotionally rough month, but I got to do stuff I planned before summer even started and got to travel.

I got to go to Pihlajasaari, swim in the sea when it wasn't freezing, try Lennu cake at cafe , visit park in Helsinki, visit Turku ( I wanted to for 10 years) and film videos.

There was supposed to be a red moon, once in a century event, but I think every person who was in Helsinki then would tell you how disappointing that was. Basically, we just stood for an hour looking at Suomenlinna with no moon in sight.

On the 31st of July me and my boyfriend, Mikael celebrated 7 years together. We went to Ateneum for a semi-new exhibit which was underwhelming and went to eat at the restaurant Yes Yes Yes (which was on summer to-do list).

I also went to Moscow, a trip which was extremely unplanned, since I bought tickets 3 days prior to departure. More about that trip you can see in the video below. Subscribe to my YT channel, because hopefully more videos are coming. They will be about travel, Finland and beauty.