Recently I started to care more about environment and ways items I am using have been produced.

But one thing which was unknown to me was makeup which is vegan. I am not even sure how that happened that I never used such makeup.

Now thanks to Lavera Naturkosmetik I had a pleasure to try some items for the easy everyday look.

I got to try tinted moisturiser, pore refining moisturiser, mascara and lipsticks. Using them for sometime and mixing the routine was extremely interesting.

I used tinted moisturiser on days when I didn't want to use makeup but wanted to look like I slept longer than 7 hours. And for that it worked perfectly. Tinted cream was very moisturising and surprisingly contained aloe vera in it, which made skin feel incredible.

But a real game changer was the Pore refining moisturising fluid. It has zinc and salicylic acid, and it made my combination skin look fantastic and makeup on top of it lasted longer and looked much smoother. For science I decided to use it for 7 days to actually form an opinion.

In the after picture I am wearing Colour Intense lipstick in shade Timeless Red. Interestingly enough it turned out to be not only vegan but also gluten free. Which is definitely amazing for people who are actually allergic. Timeless Red is now one of my favourite reds, because it is creamy and it was that type of red which makes you look like you have whitened your teeth.

In the picture I am also wearing Front Row Curl Mascara and if I had to pick one favourite product it would be it. This mascara lasts all day and through mild workout and most importantly you don't need to waste millions of cotton rounds to get it off.

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What do you usually ask people to bring you when they go abroad?
Some ask for chocolate, magnets, specific clothes. I ask for makeup. If you are a friend of mine and you go somewhere where is at least one Sephora you will get a list.
Yes, I am awful that way.

Last weekend my parents were the one who got a list. I needed new Kat Von D liner and Huda Beauty mini palette.

The palette I wanted, Mauve Obsessions was sold out (shocking) but there was another one which is as fabulous.
It is Warm Brown Obsessions.

I also surprisingly got new mascara from Dior which is already kicking Mr. Big’s ass, and also their concealer which is a bit too dark for me but works nicely as color corrector under foundation.
This weekend I promise to do a whole look, so keep an eye on my Insta 😅

Are there any makeup items you recently got or crave for?



Last year I spoted Gatsby party in Helsinki, but tickets were long gone.
So I made it my goal to get those tickets next time. Let’s just say I did and they were “last minute tickets”.

First there was euphoria because me and my friend were going to a proper party where everyone will be dressed according to the theme etc.
Then came the realization that well, we need to find dresses or something to fit the style of the roaring twenties. We honestly thought that after NYE there will be lots of discounted dresses in the style of the 20’s. Ha! Apparently 70’s and 60’s were IT in 2017 and we didn’t even notice. Groovy one-pieces and mini dresses with weird prints. That was all we got.
I was lucky to find nice little dress which was ok for 20’s but needed lots of accessories. At least it cost me only 8€ for and 15€ for all the extra things.
Monki is the savior in this case!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we have booked a huge room at Radisson Blu Seaside with a bathtub to really unwind and have a proper party. It was my first time there and I gotta say I will be back!

The party itself was gorgeous! It was at the old student house in the middle of Helsinki. There were people with gorgeous attires, there was fantastic live music, acrobats and even burlesque show ;)

I will be definitely going there again. If not next year but in 2020. I bet then it will be even bigger!

I really recommend to keep an eye on that event:



Weekend is upon us!
I think I didn't have so specific plans for a weekend in a long time.

Today, on Friday it is a metal concert with my best friend. She doesn't really like metal, but she loves me so much she decided to endure it for me.

I just hope that my body won't be sore or that I will lose my voice.

Because on Saturday it is Gatsby party. Twenties style and with lots of performances and cool dresses.

Do you have any weekend plans? Or maybe recommendations what to do on next weekend?



Over the years I have seen girls and boys doing posts with just pictures from their phones.
My phone is one month old and already I have over 3000 pictures.
I want to post five of them, the ones which make me proud right now.



In 2015 I fell in love with makeup and that love is still going strong.

This month I got some nice new favorites.

1) YSL All hours foundation

This one is from the category Youtube made my buy it, and does work! I have combo skin and foundation looks good on all parts and does not oxidase on me, which is always nice.

2)Mr. Big mascara by Lancome

Unlike Mr. Big from SATC I like this one. It gives volume and length and stays put. It start to go on my lids only after hours and hours. But for the effect it gives and for the fact that that effect lasts I love it.

3) MAC Pro longwear waterproof brow set

I lost my Benefit brow gel and I bought this one on my way to Amsterdam. It is so good! It looks good on my brows and doesn't move until I decide to take it off.

4) Lumene Nordic Chic Sheer Finish Loose Powder

It sets base beautifully! It doesn't make me look cakey or ashy and most importantly there is no flashback!

5) Lancome Matte Shaker in the shade Pink Power

I got a small version of the product with my Mr. Big mascara and I am so glad I did! It is beautiful matte, which doesn't smudge, stays put after some pizza and leaves nice tint afterwards.

6) Colourpop Super shock shadow in Nillionaire

I had it for some time but started to use it just recently and my god... That is one fantastic shadow and it costs only 5$

Did you try any of these? If you did what do you think about the products?

And what are your Youtube made me buy it products?




While I was planning my Amsterdam trip it dawned on me that I might be traveling alone.

I am ok with traveling on my own, but lately, I have been trying to get in front of the camera more and I kinda got a taste of it.

I was thinking about finding in Amsterdam, but one day one Dutch blogger, @styleadvisor tagged amazing photographer Rosanne Steeneken on her picture.

A couple of messages with Rosanne and I had my first real photo shoot planned.

I must say I didn't know how it would go, especially since I am pretty introverted. But it was fantastic!

We had the best time and it fell in love with the pictures and places in Amsterdam she took me to.

I am not posting everything, but my god! I think it is amazing when a photographer makes you love yourself in pictures of yourself.

I really recommend her if you want high-quality pictures from your trip to the Netherlands.

Her insta:





My yearly tradition has been promising myself to start blogging, but unfortunately, it failed every time.

I always was that student who didn't like essays because I didn't like to write long texts.

With blogging, it is the same. But now there is a pretty good motivation as well as a general interest if I can do this.

#nouw30daychallenge starting today.

My goals are:

-To actually write posts for longer than 3 days

-Find out what really interests me and would be interesting for my target audience

-Learn to schedule posts and write them on time

-Visit more interesting places where I can take pictures and write about

So let the challenge begin and I really hope to see development in 30 days.

Join the challenge:



I visited Amsterdam from 7 to 10th of January and I must say it was the best trip ever. Although I was alone I got to walk so much around the city, shop in small boutiques and just enjoy countless cups of delicious coffee.

I always had weird relationship with Amsterdam. I both hate it and love it. This time it was all about love, because I lived in perfect location (Motel One at Waterlooplein) and just avoided Red Light District. The later might seem stupid, but I must say that I just don't like it.

My top 3 places in Amsterdam this time were:

1)PLUK cafe (go to get those insta cappuccino pics and beautiful souvenirs)


3)View at Amsterdam light festival from Walter Süskindbrug

I also finally did what I always planned to do- hire a photographer at the travel destination. I must say it is the best! I will post those pictures separately because they deserve it!