Good afternoon honeys!

The rain is pouring down and I’ve just made myself a cup of lemon lime tea. After a long day at uni, sitting down and chatting to you over a cup of tea is something I always look forward to. So today I wanted to share with you my latest pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. If you’ve been following me for awhile you’ll know my first ever designer glasses were Tom Fords and I’ll forever hold them dear to my heart.

These babies came from SmartBuyGlasses with super fast shipping - click HERE to check out their website. 

You can find these 2018 Tom Ford sunglasses HERE

These Tom Ford babies would suit anyone and everyone! They are a wayfarer style in the shade tortoise and the lens are a brown shade. They are perfect all year round! Esp in winter with a cashmere caramel scarf or a long camel coat. I’m currently rocking these with my fringe and I’m obsessed! 

PS. SmartBuyGlasses also have a two year warranty on all sunglasses! 

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Chat again soon honeys x



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