the city that never sleeps

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Another rainy day didn't stop me from exploring the streets of Manhattan. I caught a subway to Soho and did a lil shoppin. Next stop was Chinatown and aside from the smelly fish markets it was so cool. The Chinese New Year decorations were all through the streets and they looked so vibrant and beautiful. I continued walking to Little Italy and had lunch at Wild Ginger, I had the Sweet & Sour Sesame Soy Proteinand it was so yuumm! Afterwards I caught a subway up town and walked to the New York Public Library. Along the way I stopped off at the Winter Carnival at Bryant Park and flipped quarters into the water fountain after making some wishes. I was lucky to get the last vegan cinnamon pretzel from Sigmund Pretzel Shop, and boy was it delicious! After watching ice skaters while eating my incredibly tasting pretzel I continued on my way to the library. I’m was so gobsmacked when I seen how beautiful the New York Public Library was, if my university library looked like this I feel like I would go more often. The paintings were astonishing, as were the architecture, especially the candles and lighting. It was so breathtaking, I could have walked around all day and night staring at the beauty of it all. The library was one of the most memorable parts of NYC and never has a library been memorable to me. After sitting down and glazing at the paintings on the ceilings I headed back to the ROW NYC to get ready for my next broadway show. I saw Kinky Boots and it gave me this feeling of empowerment like I had never felt before. I fell so much in love with this play and I can't wait to see it again! Afterwards I checked out the Theater District Shopping Court and found these two harem pants to wear in New Orleans for only $25!! One of the pairs is pink with elephants all over, so so cute. For dinner I went across the road to Brooklyn Ball Factory Hell's Kitchen and had the MOST AMAZING ramen EVERRR #ramengoals topped off with Mast Brothers chocolate for dessert. I finished the night with more live music and fell asleep watching the city that never sleeps through my window.

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