summertime baby

Summer is my favorite part of the year! The nights get longer, drinks get colder, hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, music gets louder, and most importantly, strawberries, nectarines and peaches come into season!

What’s hot this kiwi summer?

Getting a tan the natural way is dangerous and sometimes painfully brutal. The only natural and safe way to tan with is with Ecotan’s Invisible Tan. Simply apply Ecotan’s Invisible Tan before bed and wake up with a with a glamorously bronzed body. The softly scented roseflower cream develops into a luscious, streak-free natural honey bronze colour in 6-8 hours with a single application. This product is perfect for medium to olive skin tones. Because the cream contains no toxic food colourings, no staining of the clothing, bedding or skin takes place meaning no nasty orange or green results just a beautiful natural tan perfect for your skin tone. Aluminum mingniunum. Natural deodorants are hotter than ever. Who likes to get cancerous cells next to your breasts anyway? Summer means fresh citrus scents, and that’s exactly what Weleda has blessed us with. Weleda’s Citrus Roll-On Deodorant offers 24h reliable protection and natural freshness. Formulated without aluminium salts, to allow the skin to function healthily, the deodorants are naturally fragranced with pure essential oils. Weleda’s deodorants won't block the pores, so the skin's natural regulating functions are maintained. Made with skin-friendly and vegan-friendly ingredients including organic witch hazel distillate which is a natural astringent, and organic licorice root extract which has soothing, antimicrobial properties, the new roll-ons are dermatologically proven for suitability on sensitive skin. Water is life. During the hot summer days, heat and sweat can leave your body dehydrated. It is incredibly important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least eight to nine glasses of water a day. Refreshing Perfume is . My incredibly wise nana gave me 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser and told me to wear it on hot summer days to feel refreshed, she was right. Posse’s 70’s Roundie Bag is Hand woven from Tenganan Village in Bali. Each basket is hand woven and "smoked" over coconut husks, adding patina and strength. This basket bag is easily my favourite item at the moment! Ray Ban RB3447 Round Metal 001 are the perfect sunglasses this summer! Effortlessly stylish and super comfortable. What are your summer essentials? Let me know in the comments below x<<<<<< ;



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