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Linden Leaves recently released their latest collection, Crystal Crush. Crystal Crush is their most elegant collection yet, inspired by natural crystals and gemstones, Amethyst and Rose Quartz. The collection comprises of bath bombs, soy candles, bon bons, nourishing hand creams, and fragrance diffusers

Linden Leaves was founded by Brigit Blair in 1995 in Christchurch, New Zealand to help care for two of her children who suffered severe eczema and allergies. From a humble family kitchen operation, Linden Leaves has expanded into an internationally recognised brand known for its natural everyday luxury handmade products

Linden Leaves does not test their products on animals and only uses natural ingredients. Most of their products are vegan friendly, with some products containing beeswax. Their Crystal Crush collection is entirely vegan friendly

Amethyst Bath Bombs

These amethyst bath bombs are perfect after a long day. I only needed to use one bath bomb per bath, however I was tempted to use more. Enriched with almond oil and lemon peel my skin was left feeling silky smooth. After putting one in the bath I could feel the oils nourish and soften my skin

Linden Leaves Amethyst Bath Bombs retail for $14.99

Amethyst Nourishing Hand Cream

From season changes my skin has been dryer than usual, and my hand creams haven't been cutting the mustard. I was surprised to find how long lasting this hand cream is. I found myself only applying in the morning and at night time. The Amethyst Nourishing Hand Cream's formula contains vitamin E and shea butter for soft, healthy skin, and Sesame oil for the nails

Linden Leaves Amethyst Nourishing Hand Cream retails for $24.99

Rose Quartz Soy Candle

I am incredibly impressed with the longevity of Linden Leaves Rose Quartz 100% Soy Candle. The fresh floral fragrance of Rose Quartz brings tranquility as well as fresh notes of mandarin, rose, carnation and jasmine, and soft base notes of amber and iris. Individually hand-poured in New Zealand, Linden Leaves Rose Quartz candle is easily one of my holy grail scented candles

Linden Leaves Rose Quartz Soy Candle retails for $39.99


Have you tried any products from Linden Leaves Crystal Crush range? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below




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