Dive into Syrenē, a new skincare range that embodies the gently purity of the untouched New Zealand Pacific Ocean. Featuring seaweed extract and marine collagen extract with antioxidant properties, helping restore youthful elasticity to the skin and prevent and repair damage caused by environmental factors.

Syrenē is made with 95% natural and pure ingredients that melt into the skin. Wave goodbye to those wrinkles, as this range is also anti-ageing and helps revitalise and replenish the skin.

The luxurious, aqua suite of Syrenē includes four beautifying produces to plump, hydrate and nourish the skin - perfect for your day and nighttime cleansing routine.

Aquagel Refreshing Toner 150ml

Aquagel absorbs into the skin soaking up make-up and impurities.

As well as the anti-irritation properties associated with the seaweed extract and the deep pore cleansing effects of the New Zealand sea salt, this refreshing gel soothes the skin, and helps to improve the skins overall tone and texture. Manuka honey has an anti-bacterial and skin brightening effect which will keep your skin glowing throughout the day. Used regularly, this product will help to improve the skins moisture content while leaving the skin feeling soft and revitalised.

Directions - Squeeze a small jewel of gel onto a cotton pad or tissue and all traces of the day dissolve.

Aqualight Moisture Gel Lotion 100ml

Syrene Aqualight Moisture gel lotion helps dehydrated skin to replenish its lost oils. Pollution and other environmental conditions can leave the skin weak and fragile. Syrene’s combination of Aloe Vera and New Zealand Pohutakawa extract helps to soothe and moisturize, while the marine collagen and seaweed protects the skin from the ageing process. It’s light and gentle formula is balanced and kind to your skin the anti-oxidant will try to reverse the damaging effects of the day.

Directions - Gently massage a small amount all over the face and neck to achieve a glowing, dewy look.

Aqua Intense Cream 50ml

A light but nourishing cream leaving skin soft and moisturised.

Syrene Aqua Intense cream is infused with skin softening and moisturising ingredients to leave your skin rehydrated, nourished and pampered. Manuka honey helps to brighten the skin removing the dull and tiring effects of the day and New Zealand Kawakawa provides a great anti- oxidant effect. Your skin will appear more luscious and healthy.

Directions - Apply to face, neck and décolletage in small circular movements.

Aqua Hydrating Masque 100ml

A highly effective night treatment to help repair damage caused by the environment and hydrate the skin overnight.

Skin depends on water for its youthful appearance but all day long, skin loses vital moisture and vitality. Syrene Aqua Hydrating Mask is an intense moisture replacement treatment with Pohutakawa, Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera which deeply and instantly quenches compromised moisture reserves and builds a reservoir for tomorrow. The seaweed and marine collagen bring all the hydrating properties of the sea to smooth the skin so you can awaken refreshed and radiant.

Directions - Apply a layer of the gel masque over the face and neck and allow it to feed the skin overnight.

Click HERE to check out the range - ENJOY YOUR WEEKENDS HUNS!

Update 14/JUNE/2018 - I've had a really good experience trying out Syrenēs new skincare range. Every year my skin acts out around exam time (from lack of sleep and stress) however this year was a lot different! My under eyes looked fresher than ever, my skin has been less sensitive and my skin feels tighter and looks brighter. The hydrating masque is for sure my favourite and is now included in my everyday routine! This may just become another holy grail product for me. 



I cannot live without moisturiser. I have a normal skin type, but sometimes my skin can get very dry (especially in winter) so I always make sure I have a natural, cruelty free, nourishing moisturiser on hand at all times

My Top 5 Vegan Moisturisers

  1. Linden Leaves Porcelain Brightening Serum
  2. Dr. Hauschka Melissa Day Cream
  3. Sukin Organics Mattifying Facial Moisturiser
  4. The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow
  5. Ethique The Perfector

If you have dry skin, visible lines and sensitive skin then these moisturisers are perfect for you. Before using natural moisturises I was using chemical and synthetic based moisturises. These moisturises caused me to have irritated, oily, rough dry skin, and I also had regular allergic reactions. I didn't realise it was my skincare causing these problems until I swapped to more natural skincare; after all our bodies weren't made to be able to accept harsh chemical based skincare. Now after almost a year of using safe moisturises my skin is a normal skin type and is only dry from a cold climate, removing natural oils (from cleansing my skin) and from the chemicals used in swimming pools.


I also found that by cutting out dairy my skin problems went away. After being vegan for around 2 years then eating cheese within days my skin broke out! Remember its not always about what you put on the outside of your body but what you put inside too


Last few tips for dry skin

  • Dead skin cells prevent moisturiser from absorbing. I used to use exfoliation cleansing mitts, but they are too rough for my skin, so to remove unwanted skin cells I use a face cloth and water (sometimes Lush's Dark Angels)
  • Many people forget to moisturise their neck and hands, but those areas can become dry and irritated as well so try not to forget
  • Get yourself a satin pillow case. Not only is satin better for your hair, but also is more kind to your skin than cotton
  • Try to put down the alcohol and caffeine. I went cold turkey for a year (nope, no alcohol, nada) and this really helped my skin transform. I also don't consume caffeine either, I wish I could be as alive as the rest of the world but my body just can't handle it. Alcohol and Caffeine are diuretics, meaning they prevent you from retaining water. So maybe try and cut down, even just a little
  • Keep yourself hydrated. It depends on how active you are, if I'm on my feet all day I usually drink around three litres of water
  • Make sure to have a shower after getting out of water that has chlorine it in. I swim 4 or 5 times a week, and my skin gets very dry afterwards so I take a thorough shower and pamper my skin



Good afternoon darlings, I get a lot of questions about what products I use for my skin and hair so I thought I would share it with you


To keep my hair long and healthy I drench my hair in coconut oil once a fortnight and I take B complex daily. The B complex contains Biotin, which has improved my hair health like no other and has helped my hair grow faster. When your hair grows faster you can then cut off your damaged hair to prevent your hair from splitting. I use Doctors Best B Complex which contains 600mcg of biotin. You can buy it HERE. For shampoo I use Ethique's multi purpose Tip to Toe shampoo and shaving bar (this bar is the equivalent to three shampoo bottles). You can buy it HERE. For conditioner I use Ethique's Wonderbar. You can buy it HERE .


Nowadays I've been going for a natural and delicate skin care routine. Most days I wash my face with water and a hand towel, every other day when I want a gentle and deep cleanse I use Linden Leaves clay masque to remove excess oils and impurities. You can buy it HERE. I then use Linden Leaves cleanser with organic white tea and jojoba to leave my skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean. You can buy it HERE. To help my eyes feel awake in the morning I use Linden Leaves eye cream with organic melon and white tea. You can buy it HERE. Afterwards I use Linden Leaves moisturiser with calendula and comfrey. This moisturiser smells incredible and hydrates my skin after cleansing away impurities. You can buy it HERE.

At nighttime I replace my moisturiser with Linden Leaves regenerating night cream with organic white tea and goji berry. This night cream reduces appearances of wrinkles and signs of ageing. You can buy it HERE.

I haven't worn foundation for the past few years, so I have added sunblock to my daily skin routine. I use Atzen's PROTECT™ Sun Shield SPF50+ on any part of my skin that the sun can kiss. You can buy it HERE.

To finish my skin care routine I use Hurraw! Balm's sun protection lip balm. You can buy it HERE.


I use Lush Cosmetics Dream Cream for all over body moisturiser, I've had the same tub for awhile so a little goes a long way. You can buy it HERE. I also use Lush's Snow Fairy shower gel, the smell is so divine that my boyfriend uses it too! You can buy it HERE but be quick!

In California's dry winter I use handmade coconut pressed soap and body oil. I use Linden Leaves memories body oil and it contains real roses and is blended with organic rosehip and avocado oils to keep skin hydrated. You can buy it HERE.

I use aluminum-free deodorants to reduce the risk of breast cancer and my holy grail is A Bit Hippy's natural cream deodorant. It smells amazing and lasts all day. You can buy it HERE .

For oral healthcare I use oil pulling and Weleda's Plant Gel Toothpaste. You can buy it HERE - be quick! It's currently on sale. I brush my teeth with my Oral B electric tooth brush I purchased from Countdown supermarket. You can buy it HERE.

Let me know in the comments your favourite beauty products!