Arts Prints That Are To Die For!

I've always loved art, but when it comes to renting and having limited space its hard to find areas to place art pieces. I have art collected from LA, my own art pieces that I've had printed and some of my nanas art that is currently stored away and I'm looking forward to the possibility of moving into a larger space soon! I wanted to share with you some art pieces that I've been loving lately, and If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I found the perfect scratchable map, which I'll link below. Growing up, my sister and I had huge world maps and maps of the solar system, and to this day I still love having maps as they inspire me to travel to new places. Click on the images below and they will take you to the specific products, if you are using your phone check out the links listed below x

All of this prints come from Paper Plane - a design studio and store, who are the slightest bit mad about design. Created by Spatial Designer, Krista Plews, and Furniture Designer, Timothy John, their goal is to design, collaborate and curate quality homeware and lifestyle goods with a clear function and a point of difference.

Paper Plane is constantly evolving as they explore their own creative interests and discover unique artisans; from locally hand-crafted ceramics and leather goods to traditionally made European knives and brushware.

Art print in order from left to right

Sunset vibes

Hanging Canvas World Maps



Close Contact 04

One Soul

Close Contact 01

Nude 02

Close Contact 05



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