I've always loved art, but when it comes to renting and having limited space its hard to find areas to place art pieces. I have art collected from LA, my own art pieces that I've had printed and some of my nanas art that is currently stored away and I'm looking forward to the possibility of moving into a larger space soon! I wanted to share with you some art pieces that I've been loving lately, and If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I found the perfect scratchable map, which I'll link below. Growing up, my sister and I had huge world maps and maps of the solar system, and to this day I still love having maps as they inspire me to travel to new places. Click on the images below and they will take you to the specific products, if you are using your phone check out the links listed below x

All of this prints come from Paper Plane - a design studio and store, who are the slightest bit mad about design. Created by Spatial Designer, Krista Plews, and Furniture Designer, Timothy John, their goal is to design, collaborate and curate quality homeware and lifestyle goods with a clear function and a point of difference.

Paper Plane is constantly evolving as they explore their own creative interests and discover unique artisans; from locally hand-crafted ceramics and leather goods to traditionally made European knives and brushware.

Art print in order from left to right

Sunset vibes

Hanging Canvas World Maps



Close Contact 04

One Soul

Close Contact 01

Nude 02

Close Contact 05



Hey honeys!

Over the last couple of years I've gotten into a bit of a slump, I think it really came down to losing my best friend and it was hard to pick myself up off the ground. I was walking around with a dark cloud hanging over my head and every opportunity that arose I turned down. I walked into 2018 with a healthy mindset, a mindset that took a lot of work. For 2018 I made a goal for myself that I would try out new things and start saying yes more. Life tends to get in the way of doing what you love, and its so important to do what you love! That is what life is all about!

I'd for you to join with me! Let me know in the comments something you did new this year x

Tryin​g NEW things this year

  • I went on a hike to reign in the new year and smoked OG kush while watching the fireworks in Los Angeles (recreational cannabis became legal on the 01/01/2018)
  • I explored West Hollywood and Beverly Hills alone, walking around/ubering taking photos for my BGM Collection (photos to be revealed)
  • I went swimming in the ocean! So simple, but I haven't had the confidence to get into a bikini since I was like 14?! I was so self conscious until I realised that everyone is so focused on themselves to be looking at other people!
  • When I travelled to New Zealand from Los Angeles within a few weeks I flew down to Queenstown and did some exploring of the South Island. I had never been to Lake Hauroko so that was first on the list! It was absolutely stunning, but the mossies killed!
  • I bush walked through the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park and had a swim in the fresh cold water underneath the Kitekite waterfall. I even went through the waterfall which took two attempts! It was really hard to breath but made it to the other side! (literally).
  • After swimming under the waterfall I went and swam in the ocean at Piha beach. The rips were way too intense so went of exploring instead!
  • I checked out Auckland Domain, seriously stunning during summertime!
  • I went snorkelling at Goat Island! I've never been snorkelling before and it was so much fun! It was fcukinh scary at the beginning, as I have a fear of sharks but it was so fun. 
  • After getting my license I started to learn how to drive in the city! Was obviously very different from learning how to drive on a farm when I was 14/15 lol
  • For my 23rd birthday I freedom camped on the beach in Mount Maunganui! lol, was literally incredible waking up at 6am to watch the sunrise. Later that day I conquered Mount Maunganui. I took the 4wd track and probably wasn't the best idea... neither was walking around the MT thinking it was eventually going to go up hill. 
  • Checked out Redwoods in Rotorua! 
  • I went to the Chinese festival in Auckland and ate the yummiest Chinese food!
  • Drove out to New Zealand's first Kripsy Kreme and ate a shit tone of donuts! YUMM 
  • I signed up to take yoga/meditation classes and went to my first yoga class that same day! 
  • I got up at dawn to have my daily yoga session at the top of coronet peak on my yoga mat
  • I travelled to Matarangi Bay in the Coromandel​ and chilled for the week. 
  • I went surfing for the first time in the Coromandel. Well, tried to at least!
  • Dipped my feet into the water at Hot Water Beach in Coromandel​! 
  • Checked out Te Whanganui-A-Hei (Cathedral Cove) Marine Reserve
  • I had a really fun collab getting my teeth whitened at Lovely Smiles! It was really different to the collabs I usually do and it was cool to be able to bring J along too!
  • I checked out Auckland's Art Gallery! Its free for NZ residents with proof of residency 
  • I went to my first rugby game at Eden Park. The Highlanders destroyed the Blues (per usual)
  • I sweated my ankles off (literally) in a vinyasa class
  • I joined a netball team for the first time since I was 16!



Happy Monday babes!

I couldn't resist jumping on here and writing up about the new #SAMMYxPRINCESSPOLLY COLLECTION! I've fallen in love this collection and I can't wait until my SAMMYxPRINCESSPOLLY to arrive! 

Click HERE to head to Princess Polly to check out the collection! Click the images to head to specific pieces x 

SO many pieces are selling out so get in fast! Items may not be restocked x

Have fun shopping! XXXX


These items were designed exclusively in collaboration with Sammy Robinson!

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