As most of you know, my little family and I just took a trip to California to Disneyland. IT WAS AMAZING.

We travelled with our close friends - did two days of Disney/California Adventure with them and two days at the parks just our families ❀️

I never understood the adult who were Disney-crazed and honestly thought they were total weirdos but I GET IT NOW. There's something about that place that seriously is magical.
I fell in love with Disneyland and so did my family.

Since we were travelling with young kids (2 and 5) I expected it to be a disaster. Melt downs in lines - flip outs on the planes (k there was a little of that) - begging for toy after toy (k there was a little of that too BUT NOT MUCH lol). I knew we would have fun, but I never knew we would ALL have that much fun.

We took our time, looked all over the parks, skipped the rides that had huge lines, rode our favourites over and over, met our favourite characters, went home mid-day for a break and it all went so smoothly, I almost didn't recognize my own family.

On our last park day it was my oldest sons 5th Birthday (I know I know) and it was our best day yet. Watching the magic through your kids eyes is so amazing and watching him light up when people and characters said Happy Birthday literally made me tear up all day.

It really is the happiest place on earth and we can't wait to do it again! a few years πŸ˜…

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While I start drafting my potty training book (πŸ˜‚), I've come up with my next million dollar idea.

First, I'll start out with how I came up with it. The other night, I come home from work (around 10pm) and my husband is watching a movie. I sit down to start relaxing and begin watching it with him. I'm NOT going to tell you the name of this movie because you ABSOLUTELY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should watch it, especially if you're a mother.
I watch about 20 minutes in complete horror and ask my husband to turn it off THREE times before I storm off in a rage to which he's like 'I don't know why you're mad..'
In those 20 minutes, I watched a mother desperately try to save one of her three sons (two of which are lost and may or may not already have died 😩) from a horrible horrible natural disaster. This is a true story, which apparently does have a happy ending, but i don't think I could ever make it to the end to see. And by that description if you've seen it.. you probably know which movie this is 😭

I realize that bad things happen, and pretending they don't by ignoring them isn't the best option HOWEVER when it comes to children, I literally cannot watch.

Now - for my idea 😏. Much like there is a KIDS Netflix that filters out any inappropriate show/movie for kids - I propose there be a MOTHERS Netflix - one in which anything that a child is harmed, kidnapped, threatened or put in any sort of danger in any way - be filtered out. I would 100% pay extra for that and save myself the bad dreams and crawling into my kids beds at night, teary eyed only to wake them up very confused.

Whatcha think? πŸ˜…



It'll be fun they said. Okay no one said it would be fun, and in all honesty it went pretty well πŸ˜‚.

I am so happy and proud to say that WE ARE DONE WITH DIAPERS! I mean.. until we have another baby 😏.
A few months ago, we decided to atleast 'house potty train' Theo - mostly because he was a complete nudist and I was sick of finding little puddle around the house. That and we were to lazy to fully potty train him. I tell ya, potty training the second kid is harder because you can't drop whatever you're doing when you're in public and run to a bathroom. You also have to stop whatever your older kid is doing and somehow wrangle them BOTH into a bathroom lol.

So for a few months we just kinda made sure he used the potty at home and diapered him when we were out, until about three weeks ago when I decided enough was enough. The kid is smart enough to go on his own at home - he's certainly smart enough to tell me while we are out.

I was totally spoiled by how easy Brodie was to train (he was about 2 and 2 months if I remember correctly because it gave me four glorious diaper free months before Theo arrived πŸ‘Œ). Theo needed a little more persuading but at 2 years 4 months, he did pretty good in my books.

So after a few accidents (again, only when we are out) and a newly acquired car potty, I am so happy to say that my little TJ is a potty using master.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to write a pro potty training book and make millions. Holla at me if you need some tips 😎.

**disclamer - I don't actually think I'm a master at potty training but it was fun to pretend for those 2.5 seconds**

The attached photo is just him lookin all sweet snuggled in my bed watching a movie 😍❀



Being a sober mama means being asked over and over if I'm pregnant. Being a sober mama means I'm constantly ask why. And being a sober mama means I'm less relatable to other moms.

You'd think that not drinking wouldn't be a big deal but it is. As I'm sure any woman can sympathize, being ask if you're pregnant when you are not is fairly frustrating. I've been asked by family members (who are fully aware of my reasoning) in front of several people "what, are you pregnant?" I've been told that if having to explain myself bothers me so much, I should start telling people I'm a violent drunk (which I can assure you is NOT the reason).

For some reason being a mom = wino. Other moms can't understand HOW on earth a mom can't drink. As if booze can make the bad days better (I don't know maybe it does, I wouldn't know). *not all moms - my group of friends don't mind and probably appreciate my DD abilities πŸ˜‚* however most moms I've tried to meet in our new city look at me like I'm crazy when it's brought up.

I used to love me some booze, if you knew me before I had kids you're probably like 'yea right, Kirstie doesn't drink πŸ˜‚'. I did. I loved it, I had so much fun and I probably drank enough from the age of 16-21 that the enjoyment started to fade.
I also had my first child pretty young. I was pregnant at 22 and 23 when he was born. I would have a drink from time to time after he was born but things obviously slowed down. Having a hangover with a kid is not my idea of a good time.

Shortly after my second child, the odd drink I had every couple of months were now making me very ill. Honestly it actually took us a few months to figure out what was making me so sick on these random nights because we barely drank. I'd have a cider or caesar here and there and it soon became apparent of the culprit.

I'm asked often if it was hard to give up and no it was not. I probably had one drink every three months. Ordering that one drink as a virgin made absolutely no difference to me (good thing my fave drink is a Caesar and those are easily made virgin 😏).

I actually don't mind going out with or going to parties with people drinking.. I think it might be more enjoyable because I can laugh at everyone's hilariousness, drive home, not wake up feeling like shit, and remember everything πŸ˜‚. I still have just as much fun now as I did when I did drink.

So do your sober mamas a solid - stop asking us if we're pregnant, and start inviting us to your gatherings. We're still fun! I think 😁



We recently purchased our first home. We picked up our family and moved two hours away from everything and everyone we know. Sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming but imma leave that for another post.

I LOVE our home. It's not huge, I'm sure we will eventually outgrow it but honestly, its ours. And growing up in the greater Vancouver area, I never thought that would be possible.

The entire house has been painted either brown or blue. Two colours on their own, I don't mind. But the two smaller 'kids rooms' are BROWN AND BLUE. Ew.
So, as if I didn't have another 800 things that needed to be done, I decided to tackle one of the two bedrooms this week. I started yesterday and immediately regretted it. WHY DOES PAINTING SUCK SO BAD?!

Anyways, it's done now. It's not perfect. Theres def some patchy bits but at this point.. guess who doesn't care anymore πŸ™‹.
The room already had a border around the centre, so I stuck with it and painted it two colours again. I'm not totally sold on them now that they are on the wall but oh well.

I chose them so I can't be mad at anyone else.. unfortunately. The colours are 'burnished grey' and 'Spring Stream'. Hear me out before you're like 'ew who chooses those colours for a spare bedroom?!' Because I'm thinking that enough myself. I wanted to room to be lighter and with two young boys I decided white was not an option. So an off white - grey seemed like a good compromise. The bottom is the spring stream - kind of a mint colour. This room will potentially be a baby's room so I wanted something light, gender neutral, and not have to repaint it ever 😐.

So with that said.. we now have a spare room (that are baby nursery colours) and a new bed on the way.. so if any mainlanders wanna come visit.. we have a spot for you!!

Now I have to paint the boys room 😩 send help.



I wanted to touch base on a topic of conversation that always bothers me. The (very common) belief that because we have two children of the same sex, we are somehow missing out on something.

Now, it's not people asking if we would LIKE to have a daughter that bothers me. Would I love to have a daughter? Absolutely. Would I be just as ecstatic to have another son? YES.
It's when people imply that having two sons isn't enough or that we were 'unlucky' to have two kids of the same sex. I am positive that mamas with two daughters get the same reaction from people and I just don't get it.

I have had people tell me how happy and lucky they were to get a boy and a girl. I have had people tell me they were sorry I have two boys AND I've had someone tell me that although they love their son, it's nothing like the love for their daughter and it's unfortunate I don't have that. WHAT?!

If I hear another person say "a son is yours until he finds a wife, a daughter is yours for life" I'll probably punch them in the face.

I want a third baby. However I dread the inevitable questions of was it 'in hopes' for a daughter and when it's most likely another boy, the comments on how sad people are for us. I love my sons and I'm grateful for the the children I was given (most of the time πŸ˜‚).
I want another baby to have another BABY, not whatever sex it is born with.

My grandmother had three sons, none of which abandoned her when they met their spouse. It's actually quite heartwarming to see how much these grown men love and care for their mum and gives me hope.

Honestly, another boy would just be easier at this point πŸ˜‚



As most of you know, I work (very) part-time at Starbucks. I actually really enjoy it, even though I'd very much rather be at home with my family.
Good coffee at my disposal all shift, great staff, and it's nice to bring home a little money *very little πŸ˜‚* of my own.

Now, even though we ALL go to starbucks ALL the time, I feel like no one knows how to order. So imma help you guys out:

Step 1- SIZE. For the love of GOD start with the SIZE! I literally cannot start typing in your drink until I know what size you want.
If you're one of those people who hates saying 'tall' 'grande' or 'venti' JUST SAY SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE. We know what you mean

Step 2- DRINK. Please don't say your drinks modifications yet.. I can't add mods until I know the drink and let's be honest.. by the time you're done saying 'non-fat, no foam, extra hot, half sweet caramel macchiato' I have 100% forgotten the first few modifications you wanted.

Step 3- MODIFICATIONS. YAY! Now that I know you want a grande caramel macchiato, I can add in your mods without having to ask you 8 other questions.

Your local barista will secretly love you 😘



If you know me, you probably know - I love the word 'fuck'. I like how it sounds, I like what it adds to sentences, I like that it bothers people and honestly, I just think it's funny.

Do I try to sensor it around my and other kids? Yes. Do I occasionally slip up? Absolutely. Does that make me a terrible mom? I don't know probably 🀷‍♀️

But for real.. is there anything funnier than a kid laying down the F-bomb? In my books, no - there isn't. We've had our share of hilarious slip-ups, at home and in public and even though I get a little embarrassed, I usually open up my Mom-Posse group chat and let everyone know about the hilariousness.

My husband is a serious non-swearer. If he's swearing, he's either seriously injured or really pissed off. And that doesn't happen often πŸ˜‚. On the rare-occasion that he has slipped and a kid has repeated, he always jokes that people are going to blame the tattooed mother anyways. Rude right? Lol

At the end of the day, there's probably worse things then my kids hearing me swear and atleast when they do.. they usually use it correctly.. so, Fuck it 😘



Well I abandoned this pretty quick didn't I?
Honestly we had a pretty hectic and busy January and it's had my fairly manageable anxiety a little higher than I'd like to admit.

It's always kind of hard coming down from the holidays in December but things have been a little much for me lately.
Adding in the loss of a family member(a sad situation for our family but a respected decision that I'm just not quite ready to talk about), kindergarten registration (we didn't get the school we wanted 😩), the planning of a Disneyland trip, and the now US travel ban, as well as cold after cold after cold.

We really wanted our son to go into the French Immersion School directly across from us but weren't pulled in the lottery system they have in place. He will be attending our catchment school which isn't a huge deal besides we cannot walk there. I know this seems minimal but this means 16 years of driving to and from school Monday-Friday. We are on a waitlist for the French school but I'm not feeling to hopeful.

We had decided that if we wanted to do a fun family trip, before September was our best option (with our oldest starting school this year, it will be our last 'off season' year to go). We settled on Disneyland! Booked it all and then.. the travel ban. Although my husband was born in Canada (his parents being from Pakistan) we (I) am a bit concerned. I know the racial prejudice of a brown man could cause problems and I'm hopeful this doesn't effect our trip but who knows?! Truthfully I don't think we would have chosen anywhere in the US if this was in place before we booked 😩

That and we've been consistently sick since before Christmas. If this is how bad it is without kids in school, I'm dreading September and the cesspool of children and sicknesses that will bring us.

So.. that's where/what we've been doing this last month. I mean.. hiding indoors mostly trying to figure out our lives



Welp, today is my twenty-eighth birthday.

I'm kind of at this weird age because I met my husband a month before he turned 28. Now, seven years later here I am. How different our 27th and 28th years were/are. He was just meeting the love of his life (πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜) leading a pretty easy life. And here I am, married for four years and raising our (almost) 5 year old and 2 year old.

My age is also so odd in different situations. I have two pretty solid groups of friends, one of which I am 'the baby' and the other I am 'the oldie'. I started motherhood fairly young (23 when my youngest was born) but started my 'career' (not really a career πŸ˜‚ but the free coffee makes me love it) late, making my friend groups vastly different.

Anyways, age has always been kind of irrelevant to me. Obviously my friends range from early twenties to mid-thirties and my husband is 7 years older.
I can have an amazing time talking with my 85 year old Grandma to shopping with my 20 year old bff, so I'm not really sure where that places me.

I don't feel old.. but I don't feel young either? I did however inform my husband that he better start planning something rad for two years from now because I'm not to sure how I'll feel at 30 πŸ˜…

Here's to another year of parenting (hoping I'm not scarring them for life), immense amounts of coffee consumption, and just enjoying the people that have landed in my life. Thanks for all the love ❀️