I woke up in the dump freezing my clothes are wet. Ican’t remember how I ended up here. The last thing I remember was getting intobed to sleep. Weird it’s completely empty this place is really crowded thistime of the day. I hear something behind me moving I turn around only to see aperson who is limping toward me. There is blood on his clothes and thensuddenly he starts to chase me. I start to run and I notice something lyingthere on the ground it’s a sledge hammer I pick it up and smash it into thezombie’s skull crushing him. There is blood on my hands, it’s slimy and wet. Istart to look for a vehicle it needs to be a big car capable of running downzombies, then I found the perfect car a yellow Hummer h2. I walk towards itchecking to see if the car door is open I enter the car looking for the keysbut i can’t find it. I was forced to hotwire the car to get it running.Suddenly after I got the car running I see a hoard of undead running blockingthe exit. I stomp my foot on the gas pedal and drive straight thru thehungering pack of zombies. There’s blood all over the vehicle luckily I had avery powerful car managing to plow the zombies away clearing the way out of thedump. I turn the radio in the car on to see if there is any other survivors inmy area, after a while I hear something it was the military broadcasting anemergency signal. They were saying that there was a safe haven in Boden at theRed mountain fort. I decided to drive towards Boden when my gas suddenly hadgone out luckily there was a lot of abandon cars along the road so I grabbed atube from the back of the car and started to take gasoline from the nearbycars. I heard moaning from one of the cars so I decided to check it out I hadmy hammer with me and when I opened the door and a zombie came out of it. Thezombie grabbed my arms so I shoved it the ground and smashed it head in andwhen I turn my back I see a lot of zombies stumbling out of the woods I try torun back to the car, one grabs my leg so I turn around and crush it legs so itcan’t follow me anymore. I reached the car started pouring the gasoline andjump back in the car started it and drove over the zombies. I finally made itto (E4) the highway. Now I was close to Boden just a couple of more miles and Iam safe when I hear a strange sound in the back of my car it was a zombie itgrabbed my shoulders and I was forced to drive of the road into a tree. I wokea couple of minutes later I saw the zombie lying beside the car on groundluckily I had my seatbelt on and the zombie didn’t, so I grabbed my sledgehammer and started to walk towards Boden. Now I was close I could feel it then Isaw it the Red mountain fort. When I got close I heard a man yelling to me hesaid “put your hands up or we shoot” I did as they asked and movedslowly towards the gate they opened it and when I got inside I saw families andsoldier food and medicine I was safe now.