I have a fun surprise! I recently started a healing journey with traditional Chinese medicine and I also decided to document this process in a vlog! So... my first episode is up today and I am so excited (and super nervous)! 🙈

This is so new to me and I am not used to sharing my voice or face like this but I have been called to do so for quite some time so... here it goes. And all I can say is that - as a Capricorn - doing something as vulnerable as this, is a true struggle. I mean, the vlog is clearly not perfect. I have a thousand things to improve when it comes to everything from filming, speaking, editing etc. BUT if I were to wait until I had perfected those skills I would never ever get ready because the term "good enough" doesn't exist in my vocabulary. So even though I'm not pleased about the outcome, I am proud of myself for being brave enough to post it anyway. And then there's that thing about seeing your face and hearing your voice... it gives my chills down my spine BUT I am going to get more comfortable as time passes. Hopefully.

So what are my plans for this vlog? Well, the first videos will be centered around my healing journey but I will also share other parts of my life like spiritual things, my workout routine, food and other fun things that we do - with my twist which is always very scientific and knowledgeable. Like an extension of this blog only in another format. And why traditional Chinese medicine? Am I sick? Well, you will basically hear more in the video but yes, I am kind of sick. I was diagnosed with blood deficiency, low energy levels, congested organs (especially the liver), digestion issues and nausea/intolerance for food and hormonal issues + all of those symptoms results in increased anxiety, stress and bouts of depression. So the doctors but me on a super intense treatment with a specialized herbal remedy, weekly acupuncture and weekly check-ups so I feel pretty safe and I have no doubts what so ever that I'll be balanced again by the end of the year (or sooner). Below you will find some images of the herbs I used for my first remedy.

Vlog is linked below. Hope you enjoy and if you want to see more, please subscribe and of course give me a thumbs up! Please note that this first episode is a little gloomy. I had very little energy when I filmed this and all I focused on doing was healing so there aren't a lot of fun things happening YET. (I also have a full time job so that will of course be my first priority every day.)

Thank you for watching! ♥︎