The final lesson of 2020

I am so excited to wrap up 2020. Not because of the pandemic and because there's been a global energetic plague of chaos surrounding us, but because it's time for us all to be reborn.

It all starts now, during the season of Sagittarius. This fire sign is all about seeking truth and authenticity. So it's the perfect time to use the knowledge we have acquired throughout the year by trial and error and FINALLY shedding those last excess layers that no longer serve us. This is the ultimate test. What challenging events have been re-occurring for you during 2020 and how can you learn from them? What is it that you need to understand and to take action on in order to live to your fullest potential? It's no longer beneficial to keep learning - it's time to take action. We have everything we need inside of us. No one knows us better than ourselves. We don't need to ask anyone for advice or follow someone else's path any longer. Be true to yourself and do your own thing. Be honest. Speak your truth. Admit your flaws and either alter them or own up to them! Just decide. We can all do it!

2020 has been a true trial and error year for me. I have gone through so many expansive phases and come out anew several times. But there are some obstacles left for me. Re-occurring struggles that keep challenging me. I know how to shed these layers and how to commit to changing my routine in order to abolish them but so far it's been impossible for various reasons. But now I really feel that I have to take the final leap. Since I recently discovered my purpose I feel like I can't keep harming myself in different ways because it clouds my judgment. I have to be a clear vessel in order to show up and serve and so it's time to detox these irrational behaviours. I started my work Monday this week and so far it's going quite well. I will share more about this during the month of December. If you're up for the challenge of evolving in to version 2.0 of yourself, let's do it together. ♥︎

Once the final layers have been shed we can move steadily in to the season of the earthy and grounding Capricorn (starts 22/12) to establish a completely new structure which we can build our new life upon and new routines to live by. And once we commit to this life each day we can become our very best selves and create the dream life we've always wanted.

...and then comes Aquarius to help us evolve in alignment with the global changes. But that's not until 20/1 and that shift is so charged and powerful that it's a whole other blogpost...

Space photographs were taken by me at the Hubble telescope exhibition (Hubble - A journey through time and space) at Stockholm Fotografiska.