Sunday routine

Happy Sunday, my loves! The best day of the week. I don't know about you but I love going to bed on Saturday knowing that I can get up early to process the passed week and get myself organized for the week ahead. This is so important for me because I love planning and structuring my life. I know a lot of people say you're supposed to be less rigid and that spontaneity is the key to joy but that doesn't apply to me. Well, of course I love having fun, I just like it a lot more when I can plan my fun. ;)

So what do I do on Sundays?

I put my alarm on 06:50 so I sleep in a little bit (usually get up around 5 AM-6 AM). Then I get myself ready for pilates, yoga and meditation. I usually spend around 60 min on this. Then I have my shower because I get cold during meditation and when I'm done with all the bathroom things I make some coffee and get all of my note books and my calendar. I start with scheduling in my calendar by going through the week ahead, what meetings I need to attend + other work related things. This is also where I leave room for fun and time off. I usually also check how I can schedule workouts, walks and additional self care like hair masks and facials. Then I plan my Monday in detail in another note book so I know exactly what I wish to accomplish that day and this is also what I use during the day to box whatever task I have completed. Byt the end of each day it is so extremely satisfying to see that all the things have been checked. Then I read the astronomical forecast for the upcoming week so I know what's happening in space in case there's an important happening that I can spot in the sky - or whatever it might be.

After the coffee's been emptied we always do our laundry and clean the entire apartment. I LOVE doing this on Sundays so everything is fresh and organized on Monday morning. This is one of my best life hacks. When both my home and my mind is organized I can be super creative and focused on work - and this is extremely important for me as I'm working from home 90% of the time. When all of that stuff is done I usually make a big batch of celery juice and my other fav juice with cucumber, lemon and ginger. They stay fresh for about three days so it always saves me some time on Mondays if the juice has already been prepared.

Then it's time for processing the week. And for this I use the Dreamy Moons Year of Growth journal. I write in this book every single evening and then on Sundays I read my entries, process them and contemplate what I wish to change for the upcoming week - to make it even better. I also write my top priorities and the goals I like to achieve on a more personal and spiritual level. Before I get started with this ritual I like to get cozy so I light some incense, make myself some hot cacao (Four Sigmatic is the best!) and pull some cards. Though I don't always have time for this so sometimes I just sit with the journal and write in a panic. I mean, life happens and you gotta adjust.

Then we usually go for a walk or something else active. And in the evening I always take a super long shower followed by a calming face mask while we watch Netflix. Sundays are all about self care, chill and getting comfy for me because I'm so active during the other six days. Balance is key, right?

That's my Sunday routine. Tell me about yours down below! I'd love to get some more inspiration on things to incorporate or switch up. Wish you all a wonderful week ahead as well! 🖤