Spring Celebrations

Hello, beautiful beings! There is so much to celebrate right now. Today is the Equinox (Spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and Autumn equinox in the Southern hemisphere) and also the beginning of a new astrological year where the Sun moves into Aries. This weekend some of us also celebrate the Persian New Year along with the Fire Festival which was held this Wednesday (sort of similar to the Walpurgis Night here in the north where we also light fires and welcome Spring). I love how all of these traditions have the same meaning and core purpose only that they have been interpreted and carried out in different ways. But that's not all. Mercury also entered Pisces this week (the 15th to be exact) which means that our intuition is being highly activated enabling us to think outside the box, be more creative and fluent. This time is perfect for expressing emotions through art, music, poetry, gardening or whatever is your thing because every action you take will be more elevated.

The Spring Equinox marks the day when the Sun crosses the line of the equator and heading north which means that our number of light hours will increase along with the temperature (yay!). During these period many of us notice an increased need to clean and declutter our homes, update our wardrobes, move our bodies to release stagnant winter energy and spend more time outside. For me this basically feels like emerging from hibernation. Spring can be energetically draining for many (I definitely fall in this category) because there's so much going. People and nature start waking up in a rather rapid pace and it can be overwhelming at first if you're more introverted. I, for example, thrive on taking super long walks but I can also feel stressed out about the need to go outside every single day just because the sun is shining. That's when it's important to set boundaries and protect your energy. But to sum it up: I love the light, the warmth, birds chirping and nature coming into full blossom! I actually have two magpies building a nest right outside my living room window. I very much look forward to observing their little bird babies being hatched in a few months.

Even though Sweden has been pretty chilly for the last couple of weeks I've been having Spring feels lately. I have been decorating my home with radiant tulips and been observing the shifts in nature during my daily walks. I also did some Spring cleaning and have made a list of things to do once it's a bit warmer (like clean all of our windows). Spring, for me, is all about releasing the old and welcoming a fresh start in basically all areas of my life. And this year in particular I have SO much to leave behind.

This all brings us back to the Astrological New Year which is started when the Sun moves into Aries. And this is actually the original calendar, before Pope Gregory XIII changed it (in 1582) to the way it is perceived now for most of the world (the Gregorian style). But originally humans actually followed the zodiac wheel and the different sun signs were the months so when the Sun transitioned into a new sign a new month would begin. And so when the Sun moves into Aries we are all reborn. Aries is all about the new and has a beautiful, innocent childlike energy bursting with curiosity and optimism. The fire energy that comes along with this sign is exactly what lights our inner spark to blossom and get moving.

I would also like to share my favorite crystals for new beginnings and good fortune. 1. Malachite: the ultimate transformer for anything that is related to creating a new mindset and breaking old patterns. 2. Carnelian: amazing mood booster and amps up creativity by opening us up for receiving inspiration and new ideas. 3. Rainbow moonstone: one of my best friends in life. This crystal also represents new beginnings but also helps us align with the rhythm and flow of the Universe. 4. Fluorite: simply can't leave this one out because it amplifies flow and focus which is so important when making changes and committing to those changes. 5. Amazonite: and when we decide to make healthy changes we also need a bit of extra hope, abundance, courage and success, right? 6. Selenite: because clarity and purification never hurt. 7. Orange calcite: last but not least - to bring in that high frequency solar energy (for us in the north), good vibes and extra confidence.

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend and hope that you will have a smooth transition and that the energies will serve you wherever you are in the world. 🌿

Are you celebrating the Equinox this weekend and how are you feeling about the seasonal shift? Please share in the comment section down below.

Much love. 🌟