Q&A JUNE 2021

What is your favorite spiritual practice?

I can't choose only one. And it differs from week to week. But something I've been loving this year (I actually started in December 2020) is to pull a card from A Yogic Path Oracle Deck by Sahara Rose and then journal in the A Yogic Path Reflective Journal. It doesn't take a lot of time in the morning but it gives such a good vibe and makes you reflect upon your day ahead. And then I end my day with the last three prompts before I go to bed. This is such an effortless practice, yet so rewarding,

Are you still cutting out caffeine?

No! I was caffeine free for months last year and then I got the ping to have regular coffee again. And while the spiritual community was all about cutting caffeine during that time I had to listen to my intuition. And it actually felt really good! Now, I always make myself a cup in the morning when I sit down to work and it's my favorite part of the day. Usually I have a refill after lunch and I alter between caffeine or decaf depending on my state. When I'm at the office I usually get a caffeine overdose (because that coffee is a little strong) but that's ok too. I try not to be too harsh on myself.

I believe that, as long as you are mindful and only have coffee when you know it'll make you happy, there is nothing to worry about. But if you however feel that your body responses in a negative way, like getting stressed, hyper or anxious it's a clear sign to stay away. Listen to your body. Maybe one cup in the morning is fine and then you can go for decaf or tea for the rest of the day? And don't listen too much to what other's are saying. Listen to your intuition and gut feeling. Caffeine is not poison. It's actually healthy to have coffee in moderation.

Do you never snack?

Of course!! Who doesn't? I love snacking and I have such a sweet tooth. Or actually, I have a salty one as well. And most likely the combination of the both is the very best. My go to snacks at the moment are any type of cookies or raw bars from the brand GetRaw/Dig. I'm also a sucker for salty, roasted cashews and pistachios. My favorite "clean" snack is Medjool dates or really crunchy grapes.

Who is your guru?

When I was in the beginning of my spiritual journey I would have a few "guru's" that I would turn to for guidance. But as I am growing more into it I've realized that the only one who can fully guide me is - me. I look up to many spiritual speakers but I never follow along unless it resonates with me. Their messages can be influential and inspirational but I can't give away my own power by succumbing to someone else's way of life. So... I guess my intuition is my guru. And the hard work is to always tap into that intuition and acting upon what is true and what is right.

But to name a few people who inspire me: Jordan Younger Albrecht (The Balanced Blonde), Sahara Rose, Shaman Durek, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Adriene Mishler and Fully Raw Kristina.

Where do you live?

I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

How long have you been married?

My husband and I got married in 2016 and we just celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Our wedding day was one of the best days of my life and I have not regretted it for a second. My husband is really my soulmate and he is such an angel for coping with my madness on a daily basis. God bless his soul.

How do you incorporate your practice into your day with work and everything? I can't seem to find the time on a regular basis. How do you do it?

That is such a good question and some days I do struggle with this. I have certain things I have to do to feel good, period. But then there are days where I have to prioritize work first and on those days I can feel out of balance and anxious when I don't get my proper routine in the morning. So on those days it's pivotal to be very gentle with yourself and surrender. Because life will always be there. Life will always interfere with your day and you can't be so rigid and controlled by your spiritual things that you can't have a good day without them. They are supposed to support you and be tools to enrich your life but you are not supposed to crumble if you skip a day. That's not what practicing is about and that's what I have to keep reminding myself on a daily basis. I practice so that I can stay calm in stressful situations; so I can stand steady in the middle of a tornado; so I can meet chaos with an open mind. That's what spiritual practice is all about. At least for me.

Pilates or yoga?

Depends on the day. Both mostly, both. First pilates and then yoga. Or pilates in the morning and yoga in the evening.

What are you doing this summer?

I am going to be working pretty much all summer. And I love my job so I am so happy about that! I do have two weeks off in August and hopefully we'll be able to travel somewhere. But if not, I'm happy at home as well. As long as it's freaking hot outside.

Coffee or tea?

I LOVE the smell of tea and I have so many different herbal blends at home... but most of the time I reach for coffee. It just speaks to me more. In fact, I love it so much. It's my favorite part of my morning routine and makes me so happy!

What do you like to do on a day off?

I love to start my days with movement. I am not a "sleeping in/breakfast in bed"-type of girl. So first, either a fun workout or a long walk in the forest. Followed by some yoga and meditation to set the tone for the day. Then I would either go for a fun shopping spree and have coffee and brunch at my favorite place in Stockholm or spend the day in nature (if it's warm). My ideal evening would be to watch the sunset and then the moonrise with my favorite person by my side.

What is your sun, moon and rising?

I'm a Capricorn sun, Virgo moon and Libra rising.

What was your first crystal?

I bought my first crystals when I was very little and can hardly remember which kind but I do recall that one of our neighbours gifted me a green jade after traveling through Peru. Obviously this was a lifetime ago... The first one I bought for myself was probably either rose quartz or amethyst.

Are you never stressed out about life? You seem so calm.

Oh my gosh, I am the poster child for anxiety. But I have many years experience of different kinds of therapy, and my spiritual practice today supports this tendency a lot. I have some effective tools that I use to stay calm that I would love to share in an upcoming post!

That's it for this round. If you have more questions, please add them in the comment section and I'll make sure to answer them in my next Q&A!